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Jared Shaw: If Noons doesn’t fight Diaz it will be “the biggest mismanagement of an athlete’s career you will ever see.” (UPDATED)

Jared Shaw is apparently on the media warpath today, going to great lengths to trash K.J. Noons’ management team and drag their names through the mud. Earlier today he talked to MMA Weekly regarding the matter and now he’s got more to say to MMA Junkie:

“I’m sitting here and I’m drinking from a carton of milk right now,” Shaw said. “And the EliteXC lightweight champion KJ Noons’ face is on the back of this milk carton because he’s missing in action. I can’t seem to find him.”

“When [Noons’ camp] wants to track us down and tell us how Nick Diaz isn’t the right fight for them — or they want more money, or they want this out of their contract, or this and that — they’re easy to get a hold of,” Shaw said. “But to actually make the fight? Impossible.

“And then when he’s 1-1, get him right back into a main event situation for the world championship against Nick Diaz, the legend who beat Gomi, how are you going to say that we’re not trying to help your kid? What more opportunity could we give the kid?”

“There’s a spot for KJ Noons to face Nick Diaz on the Oct 4. card,” Shaw said. “If this fight doesn’t go off then this a textbook case in business law of harbor. It would be called the KJ Noons case. It will be the biggest mismanagement of an athlete’s career you will ever see. This is a chance to maximize his exposure right now.”

Wow. Them’s fightin’ words. But I, for once, have to agree with Shaw here. Noons at least owes EliteXC a phone call wouldn’t you think? He is, after all, their current champion and they do have a right to know why he’s not defending the title when they ask him to. I don’t know if this is all Noons or if this is all Mark Dion or if it’s half and half but it’s unprofessional of them not to let EliteXC know what’s going on with their current 160 lbs. champion. Expect plenty more of this from EliteXC and Shaw until they have some answers from Noons.

Update: EliteXC Vice President Jared Shaw has been quoted as saying that the promotion has delivered a contract to Noons to defend vs. Diaz on Oct. 4 and that he has until 8 p.m. ET on Thursday to respond to the offer.

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