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Report: Noons vs. Diaz rematch officially off

It looks as if we won’t be seeing that K.J. Noons vs. Nick Diaz rematch on the October EliteXC card after all. There has been a lot of jabbering between the two sides in the past couple of days and according to MMA Rated, the bout is now officially off of the October 4 EliteXC card on CBS:

It was hoped that both sides would reach some sort of agreement but, according to EliteXC VP Jared Shaw, in the end both ProElite and Noons’ agent, Mark Dion, were unable to agree to the terms of the contract.

Interestingly enough, Shaw informed us that throughout this whole process no one from ProElite was able to speak to Noons directly as his management team refused any direct contact between the two sides.

Shaw mentioned that ProElite will not be stripping Noons of his 160 lbs title at this time but hopes that Noons will “wake up and smell the Hawaiian coffee” sooner rather than later.

The report goes on to say that Diaz will not be fighting on the card but will instead appear on the November 8 Showtime card and that his opponent has yet to be named. This whole situation just baffles me. How, as a fighter, do you let your management control 100% of what’s going on? Why does Noons not get a say in anything? More to the point, why isn’t Noons demanding that he be involved in the process?

Opportunities like this don’t come along very often. The opportunity to defend your title against a high profile opponent on national television is a rare one. Add that to the fact that people will actually be watching this EliteXC card because of Kimbo Slice and Gina Carano (unlike the last EliteXC show) and you have a perfect opportunity to get a ridiculous amount of exposure. All the money in the world can’t buy you the kind of exposure that Noons would receive from fighting on this card. To not seize that opportunity is just plain stupid, especially given EliteXC’s financial situation.

With all the information that has come out the past couple of days, I really don’t think this has anything to do with Noons ducking Diaz. Instead, I think it has to do with his management being some of the dumbest people on Earth. Mark Dion can talk about how long he’s been in the sport and how great of an agent he is but the reality is that he’s already completely burned his bridges with the UFC and is now doing the same with EliteXC. There’s only so many bridges to burn in this sport and those are two of the biggest. K.J. Noons needs to take the Brandon Vera route and get as far away from Dion as humanly possible. And quickly.

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