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Kenny Florian suspicious of Roger Huerta

In an article appearing in the Sunday edition of the Boston Herald, UFC lightweight title contender Kenny Florian stopped short of accusing Roger Huerta cheating in their Aug. 9 clash at UFC 87. However, in quotes he made to the paper, he teeters on the edge of accusing Huerta of resorting to unfair competitive tactics:

“When I had him down on the ground I thought I was going to put him away but he was pretty slippery,” Florian said. “To me, he felt suspiciously slippery. I know the difference between sweat and other things. I didn’t see him do anything (illegal), but I thought it was a little weird for me to be sliding off his back like that.”

It is definitely possible that Huerta greased himself up, however, you’d think that an official would have noticed something during the pre-cage entrance pat down? It’s also possible that Huerta was sweating a lot.

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