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UFC President Dana White to appear on A&E tomorrow

UFC President Dana White will be making a special appearance on A&E’s “Mindfreak” television program Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET.

“Mindfreak” is hosted by “mentalist” Criss Angel, who has been a fixture the past several years at UFC events in Las Vegas. He’s also made the tabloids for allegedly dating the likes of Cameron Diaz and Pamela Anderson (although she denies it).

A promo for the show states that “With the use of a blindfold, a knife, and a deck of cards, Criss attempts to teach UFC President Dana White first-hand how to do a prediction of his own. Can Dana pull off a little magic with the help of the Mindfreak?”

There’s no word as to whether Angel’s magic will aid White in helping Randy Couture suddenly reappear in the UFC’s heavyweight division or if he could help make Tito Ortiz vanish for good.

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