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5 Oz. Exclusive: Team Kimbo issues response to Brett Rogers was notified through a third-party Wednesday afternoon that the camp for EliteXC heavyweight Kimbo Slice was looking to respond to an exclusive statement issued to us by the camp of Brett Rogers earlier in the day.

We contacted Icey Mike, the manager for Slice, who issued a response that differed greatly from that of Rogers. The nature of Team Kimbo’s response evoked the old proverb that says “A picture can tell a 1,000 words,” as Icey Mike only requested that we run a picture with a simple one line of text below as Kimbo’s official response:

“Rogers, don’t quit your day job.”

The response is a reference to Rogers’ former vocation as a tire repairman at a Minneapolis-area Sam’s Club, where he worked up until this past January before quitting so that he could pursue mixed martial arts on a full-time basis.

(Photo By Esther Lin)

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