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5 Oz. of Pain on CBS Sports: Urijah Faber’s appeal is universal amongst hardcore and casual fans

Prior to the cancellation of this Wednesday’s WEC card, I spent much of my week writing a feature for on the promotion’s current featherweight champion Urijah Faber.

Despite the cancellation, the article is still relevant and worth the read since I decided to focus on the unique appeal Faber has as both a growing star in the mainstream and a favorite amongst hardcore fans as well.

There are stars in MMA and then there are fighters. Faber is not only both but he’s someone who has managed to garner a tremendous amount of respect from his peers. Instead of resenting his success, many up-and-coming fighters hope to follow in the trail he is currently blazing for lighter weight fighters.

For more on why I believe Faber is a rarity in this sport, click here to read my article on CBS in its entirety.

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