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Phillipe Nover joins Five Ounces of Pain as guest blogger, shares TUF 8 premiere thoughts in debut column

Editor’s Note: is proud to announce that TUF 8 lightweight competitor Phillipe Nover has joined the site as a guest blogger. Nover will be sharing his thoughts for us every week throughout the current season of TUF. Below is Nover’s first submission.

I flew in from New York slightly dehydrated and underweight. I didn’t know what to expect. I felt weak and light headed that day. Not to mention nervous as hell.

A combination of all these things hit me smack in the face. I could remember looking up at the ceiling lights standing there.

All of a sudden my face felt heavy and my teeth felt a “pins and needles” type feeling. I blanked out for a few seconds. It never happened to me before. I was embarrassed and everyone thought of me as this nervous weak guy.

I knew Joe Duarte felt over-confident that he’ll be fighting the guy who passed out. I feed into his delusion and didn’t boast myself or talked smack. I pretended to be this inexperienced dude who only knew a little Jiu-Jitsu. That’s what I told Joe when he asked me what my training back ground consisted of.

Joe is one tough guy and he was a great obstacle to overcome. He’s a great fighter and I really believe he still has a long future in fighting.

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