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TUF: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir Episode 1 Recap

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir has officially started and with the start of a new season comes the usual recaps of each episode that we do here on Five Ounces Of Pain. This was the first episode of the season and it started off with a bang.

The episode opens with all the fighters hanging out in the gym and Dana White came in and tells them to get lined up while he announces who the coaches are. At this point Phillipe Nover, our exclusive TUF blogger, passes out. That’s right. Phillipe passes out right as the show opens. But it’s all good. He was dehydrated, Vegas is hot, and I’m sure there have to be some nerves going into the show. Phillipe would later redeem himself so it’s no big deal.

After they get Phillipe revived and seated in a chair, the two coaches are announced. If you were surprised by Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Frank Mir being the coaches then you’ve been living under a rock for the past eight months, especially considering the show is called The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir.

Anyways, it’s weight cutting time as all the fighters will have to fight to make their way into the house just like last year. Everyone seems to have no problem cutting the weight. Everyone except for Jason Guida, the brother of Clay Guida. Jason weighed in at 217 lbs. and has to cut to 206 lbs. to make weight for the elimination bouts. Guida starts the weight cut but struggles mightily. All of his muscles are cramping. His rib muscles, his leg muscles, his back muscles. He ices himself down to keep his core temperature down but he’s in serious pain. Frank Mir says something to the extent of “We’re trying to help him out as much as we can but he’s struggling…badly.”

They bring the doctors in and the doc says that Guida needs IV fluids because he’s so dehydrated. So the doc asks the head of the NSAC, Keith Kizer, if he wants to weigh him so he can get IV fluids. Kizer weighs him, Guida weighs in at 207 lbs. and is sent packing. Kizer and the doctors determine that it’s not safe for him to cut anymore weight even though he’s only a pound over. They definitely made the right call and to be honest, how do you show up out of shape on TUF anymore? After eight seasons and all the Bobby Southworths and Gabe Ruedigers of the world and you show up out of shape? It’s really unacceptable at this point especially now that it’s a well known fact that you’re going to have to fight on the first or second day you’re even there just to get in the house. No sympathy for Guida at all from me.

Moving on, it’s fightin’ time. There were eight fights shown or recapped in total on the first episode so let’s get down to it.

Light Heavyweight Elimination Bout: Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart is Guida’s replacement and he gets blown out of the water right off the bat. Soszynski landed a solid shot that put Stewart down and then pounded on him until the ref stopped it. Soszynski didn’t even break a sweat and moves on to being a part of the final sixteen fighters.

Lightweight Elimination Bout: Fernando Bernstein vs. Dave Kaplan

This fight seems to be evenly matched on the feet but when it hits the ground it’s all Kaplan and he easily submits Bernstein out with a rear naked choke. Dana comments that Bernstein’s nickname was “Machete” but that he looked more like a butter knife. Oh, Dana.

Lightweight Elimination Bout: Phillipe Nover vs. Joe Duarte

Nover lands a nice head kick to start things off and then inadvertently knees Duarte in the balls on the fence. Duarte takes a nice break and they wrestle for position against the fence. Herb Dean eventually breaks them up, Duarte puts Nover on his ass with a punch and ends up getting his back but is unable to finish as the first round ends.

As round two begins Nover lands a solid takedown and lands some pretty nice blows on Duarte’s face from the ground. Duarte eventually gives up his back and Nover locks in a rear naked choke to eliminate Duarte from the competition. So much for all that talk about Duarte being “the next Anderson Silva.” Maybe they meant Nover? He looked very good.

Light Heavyweight Elimination Bout: Eric Magee vs. Jules Bruchez

Magee comes out with a takedown and looks for a guillotine early. Bruchez is easily able to reverse the position and take Magee’s back and lock up a rear naked choke for the easy W. Bruchez didn’t break a sweat, either.

Light Heavyweight Elimination Bout: Vinicius Magalhaes vs. Lance Evans

There were only highlights of this fight but I can say that Vinicius looks to be quit the physical specimen. He injured Lance’s ribs and Lance was unable to continue, sending Vinicius into the house. No current UFC fighters’ brother will be in the house as both Guida and Evans are eliminated.

Light Heavyweight Elimination Bout: Antwain Britt vs. Ryan Jimmo

Only highlights of this fight but it looked to be a good scrap with a very athletic looking Britt coming out on top via majority decision.

Lightweight Elimination Bout: Brandon Garner vs. Brian McLaughlin

Once again, only highlights were shown but it sounds like McLaughlin was more or less controlling the fight and dominating Garner until Garner threw an illegal, but unintentional, knee while McLaughlin’s knee was still on the mat. McLaughlin is unable to continue, the fight is ruled a no contest, and because McLaughlin was controlling the fight and Garner’s knee was illegal, McLaughlin moves on and Garner is sent home.

Lightweight Elimination Bout: Junie Browning vs. Jose Aguilar

A clash of personalities here as Aguilar describes himself as “conquering muthaf—-s, dog.” He also says he belongs with Alexander the Great and…Hitler? Yes, he compares himself to Hitler. He also describes himself as a “straight up criminal, dog.” Browning says the difference between him and all the other guys on the show is that he can actually fight and that the rest of the fighters came to get a free Tapout shirt. Zing! Junie also thinks Aguilar has a better chance of getting him pregnant than he does of beating Junie.

And that pretty much proves to be correct. Browning owned Aguilar in every aspect of the fight, top to bottom. Browning eventually pins Aguilar to the floor and wails on him with punches. Aguilar quits on the stool between rounds, saying in the post fight interview that he didn’t want to damage his “pretty face.” Thank god this guy didn’t make it into the house.

That concludes the first round of elimination bouts and these eight fighters will move on:

  • Krzysztof Soszynski (LHW)
  • Dave Kaplan (LW)
  • Phillipe Nover (LW)
  • Jules Bruchez (LHW)
  • Vinicius Magalhaes (LHW)
  • Antwain Britt (LHW)
  • Brian McLaughlin (LW)
  • Junie Browning (LW)

The tournament continues with next week’s episode and we will have all sixteen fighters who will enter the house revealed. Be sure to visit Five Ounces Of Pain for all your TUF needs!

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