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Gracie vs. Gordon: HDNet Fights’ Fight of the Week

This week’s installment of HDNet Fights’ Fight of the Week pits Gregor Gracie (2-1), an up and coming fighter from the legendary Gracie family, against Doug Gordon (8-6) from Ring of Combat XVIII. Gregor is training under the tutelage of fellow family member Renzo Gracie and is a raw MMA talent right now with world class jiu jitsu skills. His standup is something to be desired and that’s where Gordon will look to expose him and utilize his striking skills to hopefully put Gracie down for the count. This fight has an ending that you absolutely will not want to miss!

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  • ACK! says:

    You could see that coming a mile away. After Gracie couldn’t finish him off in the first round he lost his composure and gassed. From then on his hands were too low and his takedown attempts became more and more desperate. You can almost sense the moment when Gordon realizes Gracie was a walking KO and starts to bide his time.

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  • Connor says:

    His stand up LEAVES something to be desired…not IS something to be desired.

    Anyhow, rad fight. I was pullin’ for Gracie, but after he lost that initial full guard so quickly, I had my doubts.

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  • Bad Monkey says:

    There’s the fatal flaw of a one trick ground fighter in MMA. He couldn’t finish him on the ground in two rounds and then BAM! Head kick, done.

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  • KneeToTheFace says:

    Thanks for these fights, I love watching them.

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  • Nate says:

    Thanks for posting the fight, nice choice.

    I really have not been impressed with a Gracie since Royler & Rickson. This was fun to watch. They need to evolve.

    While the video was good, I wish there were a few replays & slow-motion takes on that ending. It happened quick

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  • fightfan says:

    Gritty comeback for Gordon. Thats the problem with one dimensoinal BJJ grapplers in mma, if they can sub you,,,,,eventually they are goign to get KO’d(most of the time). I enjoy watching BJJ in mma, but I CANT STAND the one dimensional ones, like Schaffaer at UFC. Put him against a guy with decent takedown defense or ground skills, Red has NO chance.

    Also I hate seeing how much time in left in clip. After 2nd ended, I looked at the player and seen the clip was almost out of time. Therefore start of 3rd round with 30 seconds left…..You kind of feel the big KO coming. LOL

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