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K.J. Noons given until today to make decision about future with EliteXC

MMA Junkie spoke with K.J. Noons on Sunday to get his reaction to being stripped of EliteXC’s 160 lbs. title. Noons indicated that he’d been given a deadline of today, the 22nd of September, to make a decision whether or not he wants to fight again under the EliteXC banner.

“We were given until Monday, and we’re figuring it all out today. I’ll make a statement tomorrow if we can’t get something worked out,” Noons told MMA Junkie.

The disagreement with EliteXC all stems from Noons not accepting a title defense against Nick Diaz on EliteXC’s next installment of Saturday Night Fights on October 4. Noons has responded to EliteXC by saying he’s not ducking Diaz but that he hasn’t been treated fairly by EliteXC and has been disrespected by them as an organization.

If Noons works something out with the organization it’s unclear whether or not he’ll be reinstated as champion or whether he’ll have to fight his way back into a title shot. Here at we reported that EliteXC is considering a fight between Eddie Alvarez and Nick Diaz for the vacant title on a tentative November 8 card.

  • Neil says:

    I would LOVE to see Noons “quit” EliteXC and get signed under the Zuffa banner, be it in the WEC or UFC. I’m not going to say he’s a top-ten fighter, but he’s not a guy that deserves what EliteXC has been trying to shove down his throat (in the Diaz fight). The way I see it, they’re trying to figure out a way to get Diaz the belt, and even though it would be good for the company (loud mouths make a lot of noise, and attract people after all), but three wins over scrubs, only TWO in that organization, does not equate to a title shot, let alone a forced title shot.

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  • derreckla says:

    Coming to Extreme Cage Mortal Combat Fighting at your local county fair grounds…..

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  • HexRei says:

    Wow Neil, so who did KJ beat to even get the title shot with Diaz in the first place? EDSON BERTO? I hate to break it to you but Diaz’ three wins are each INDIVIDUALLY worth more than the one win KJ racked up to get to fight Diaz, a seasoned vet who still has much, much more experience and important wins than KJ even with KJ’s win over Yves Edwards. Noons owes Diaz a rematch, only marks think otherwise.

    Be serious with me here Neil, you’ve never even seen the UFC’s that Nick Diaz was in, have you?

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  • Robert says:

    HexRei Noons owes Diaz a rematch why? You are not owed a rematch when you got tore up the first fight and your wins since then consist of Katsuya Inoue,Muhsin Corbbrey and Thomas Denny.People need to quit bringing up Noons should of never got a title shot for just beating Edson Berto that’s who Yves Edwards beat before he got his title shot also Elite XC created their lightweight division for Diaz at 160 lb. a weight he can hardly make and gave him an opponent no one knew thinking he’d win and he was dominated in the fight. Diaz is owed nothing.

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  • HexRei says:

    Because it was a cut win, that’s hardly decisive, and the fact is that Noons is still a fighter who has only two good wins under his belt, and one of them is Diaz. I’ve lost track of the number of times the UFC has granted a fighter a rematch with far fewer fights between and with a far more decisive finish in the previous bout.

    Once again, Noons has only beaten two guys of any worth in his career he has no right to be calling the shots. If nothing else, he owed Diaz a rematch because THE PROMOTION HE WAS UNDER CONTRACT TOLD HIM TO.

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  • egad81 says:

    Anyone that fights knows that winning on a cut is cheesy! I know I want to get a KO or SUB.
    REF or DR STOPPAGE is horrible! Noons is proud of it like Diaz didnt want to fight.
    Diaz would fight if you ripped his face off. Nick (love him or hate him) is hardcore!

    NOONS….. Your career is already tarnished and you havent fought anyone. CRAZYHORSE?
    Just a bit of advice…. FIGHT DIAZ (win or lose you will get respected) dont wait… miss your chance or even worse decide to fight the winner of DIAZ vs ALVAREZ cause after those to guys fight each other…. you will be a walk in the park.

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