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Atencio reveals Affliction’s plan

With their most recent show canceled, Affliction has confirmed that they will have a card early next year.

“The  January show is a guarantee,” said Affliction VP Tom Atencio.

However, the type of show it will be has come under a lot of scrutiny. Recently, Affliction announced that it will be co-promoting with boxing’s Golden Boy Promotions. The big question now is what type of format will the show have.

“We will have one boxing match and four MMA matches,” said Atencio.

Mixing boxing and MMA us a very risky proposition. The amount of crossover between the sports seems very small. They could very well have a situation where one sports fans jeer the other sport regardless of who is competing. That occurrence would be bad for both MMA and boxing. Hopefully, everything works out, but the January show will be very interesting.

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