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Adam Morgan’s Sprawl ‘N Brawl (MMA News Roundup)

Welcome to the latest edition of Sprawl ‘N Brawl here at Five Ounces of Pain. There’s been some very interesting MMA news since last week and this is the column where we break it all down. We’ll talk UFC 93, Sengoku, Frank Trigg’s strategy to beat Anderson Silva, and whatever other odds and ends I can think of to fill this space. I kid, I kid. Let’s do it.

UFC 93 is headed to Ireland, set to compete with Affliction

That’s right, folks. Who would have imagined the UFC competing with Affliction? Too bad that Affliction hasn’t actually announced a date for their event yet. If they know what’s good for them they should book their event to take place on any weekend other than the January 17 show in Ireland because, for the casual fan, the show is going to be stacked. Rich Franklin vs. Dan Henderson and Mauricio Rua vs. Mark Coleman are officially booked for the show and a grudge match between former TUF coaches and heated rivals Matt Hughes and Matt Serra is being rumored for the card as well.

The UFC is going to fight tooth and nail to squeeze Affliction out of the picture. The good thing for Affliction this time, however, is that they’ve made the UFC play its hand first and announce a date that they can work around. That being said, if casual fans only have money to spend on one show a month, the likelihood is that the money will go to the UFC and not Affliction. It’s an uphill battle, but it’s one I’m glad that Affliction is fighting. Competition is good for everyone, especially the fighters, whether the UFC and Dana White like it or not.

WEC to disband 205 lbs., 185 lbs. divisions in 2009

This is a big move for WEC and a very good one to boot. Most of your other promotions thrive on the bigger weight classes like light heavy and middleweight. WEC is in a position where they thrive on the smaller weight classes, specifically 145 lbs., 135 lbs., and to a lesser extent 155 lbs. and 170 lbs. With the only real standout talent at light heavyweight being Brian Stann, Steve Cantwell, and Mark Munoz and the only real talent at middleweight being Paulo Filho, Chael Sonnen, and Jake Rosholt, it makes total sense to focus on the smaller weights and build a promotion that is the premiere place for the small guys to fight.

The Doug Marshalls and Ariel Gandullas of the world don’t belong in the WEC or the UFC so just get rid of them and bring the talented heavier guys into the UFC. It makes the WEC stand out as the premier league for the smaller fighters and adds a great deal of talent to the UFC’s middleweight and light heavyweight divisions. Good move on ZUFFA’s part all the way around on this decision.

Frank Trigg thinks he knows how to beat Anderson Silva

And he’s wrong. Trigg recently said that you have to fight Anderson Silva on the inside, that you can’t stay outside because his length is where he generates all of his power. To an extent, Trigg is right. Silva’s length and reach is where he devastates a lot of opponents. But he also murders people on the inside with his clinch game. He’s done it to Rich Franklin twice. Dan Henderson got his taste of it and countless other opponents have been damaged on the inside when fighting Silva as well. Fighting Silva on the inside is a good way to end up looking at the lights. Whatever you’re smoking, Trigg, pass it this way because it must be some out of this world stuff.

Muhammad Lawal made short work of Travis Wiuff at Sengoku

Muhammad Lawal put on a spectacular performance in his very first MMA fight against a crafty veteran and, let’s not forget, YAMMA heavyweight champion in Travis Wiuff. Wiuff is not a joke, although he is the butt of many jokes having competed for WAMMA, and Lawal ran through him fairly easily, ending the fight with a superman punch and subsequent ground and pound. There were lots of questions going into the fight about whether or not Lawal should be fighting against someone as experienced as Wiuff in his first fight. Well Lawal answered all of those questions and then some. He could grow into a big star in Japan with his pre and post fight gimmick but the real question is whether or not Sengoku will be around long enough to allow that to happen. Either way, be it in Japan or in the U.S., Lawal is a special talent.

Siyar Bahadurzada beats Cyborg Santos, is an idiot during post fight celebration

Seriously, is there ever a time when screaming your head off and jumping on the ropes like you did something after an opponent suffers a freak injury is appropriate? The answer is no. And Bahadurzada did just that after Cyborg posted his arm out in their fight at Sengoku and suffered a nasty injury. Quit running around the ring screaming your face off like you actually did something to win the fight. It’s not like you applied a kimura that ripped apart Cyborg’s shoulder. Or an armbar that tore up his elbow. He fell on his arm the wrong way just seconds into the fight and you’re running around like you just won a world title. What you should do in that situation is say “It sucks to win this way, I look forward to a rematch.” Instead you look like just as much of an ass as Mark Coleman did when the same situation happened to him when he fought Mauricio Rua.

Jesse Taylor fights Drew Fickett tomorrow night

And no one cares.

Well, that about does it for this week’s edition of Sprawl ‘n Brawl. Keep it tuned to Five Ounces of Pain for all your MMA needs.

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