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Pain Poll: The Staff Of 5 Oz. Breaks Down EliteXC: “Heat”

We’re back with another Pain Poll here at Five Ounces of Pain and we’re breaking down the EliteXC: “Heat” which features a main event of Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock as well as several other entertaining bouts. Will Kimbo put Ken to sleep in the first round? Or will Shamrock be able to take the fight to the ground and submit him? Will Andrei Arlovski go through Roy Nelson as easily as he did Ben Rothwell? And will Paul Daley be able to take the EliteXC crown from Jake Shields? We’ll tell you what we think. Let’s get to it…

Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock

Adam Morgan: These days Ken Shamrock is much better at hyping a fight than he is at competing in them. It’s likely that, much like the UFC, EliteXC will be using Shamrock to put Kimbo over with the crowd against a name that people know. Whether it be from the early days of the UFC or from Shamrock’s time in the WWE, people know who Ken Shamrock is. He hasn’t won a fight in over four years and he hasn’t been able to take a fight to the ground in what seems like ages. Shamrock is a shell of his former self and will be forced to stand and trade with Kimbo Slice. And that, friends, is Kimbo’s domain. This will be a replay of Tank Abbott vs. Kimbo Slice without the flab. Kimbo Slice via TKO, round one.

Gary Herman: Kimbo Slice is better off fighting guys on the Internet. Fortunately, Shamrock shouldn’t even be fighting there. Nothing against Slice, but EliteXC shouldn’t bill him as a main event fighter if he’s not fighting main event talent. Shamrock’s got little chance in the fight. His takedowns are slow and his chin belongs in a China shop. Kimbo Slice via KO, round one.

David Andrest: This fight is going to be incredibly entertaining for all the wrong reasons. Shamrock’s name may still carry some cache with the novice viewer. In fairness Shamrock is on this card to draw that viewer. Ken’s best days are far behind him, however if he can manage to pull Kimbo into the deep end of the pool, this could be an upset. Kimbo Slice via KO, Rich Franklin style.

Andrei Arlovski vs. Roy Nelson

Adam Morgan: This matchup is just competitive enough to be interesting but not competitive enough to be deemed as a must-see fight. Arlovski should dominate Nelson on the feet without a doubt. His overall speed should be too much for Nelson, specifically his hand speed and quickness on his feet. Nelson’s only chance is to take this fight to the ground and work for a submission or catch Arlovski with a big punch. I don’t see either of those things happening and while Nelson should prove to be a tough fight, Arlovski should overwhelm him the same way he overwhelmed Ben Rothwell: constant pressure. Andrei Arlovski via TKO, round two.

Gary Herman: What a great fight as a late add-in. The established star taking on an up-and-comer. Both guys are going to stand and throw bombs for the entire fight. This one could be very similar to Arlovski vs. Rothwell. If Arlovski wins, Fedor is probably next. I just hope Arlovski remembers to take his fangs out. Andrei Arlovski via TKO, round 3.

David Andrest: This matchup is a recipe for disaster for Arlovski. Other than an obvious payday, he has very little to gain by fighting Nelson. Roy Nelson is a dangerous guy, he is a pretty good heavyweight but the number of ways Nelson could win this fight are few and very unlikley. But this is the type of fight that makes me uneasy, at this point Arlovski should not be fighting anyone outside the top 3. Arlovski via KO round 2

Jake Shields vs. Paul Daley (EliteXC 170 lbs. Title Fight)

Adam Morgan: This is a classic striker vs. grappler matchup with Shields playing the role of grappler and Daley playing the role of striker. Daley’s muay thai is absolutely devastating and he executes with textbook precision. However, his takedown defense is not where it needs to be. In general, the fighters from England lack the technical wrestling that’s needed in the American MMA game and Daley is a prime example of this. While he may be a beast on his feet, once Shields gets him to the ground, and he will, it’s only a matter of time before Shields comes up with a submission. Shields’ wrestling and ground game are very complete and his boxing is serviceable. He should be able to take Daley down easily and work him over on the ground, softening him up with ground and pound before locking in a submission. Jake Shields via submission, round two.

Gary Herman: We’ll finally get a chance to see Shields matched up against quality opposition. Nothing against Nick Thompson or Mike Pyle, but I don’t see them on the same level as Daley. Hopefully, the announcers are able to get Daley’s skills over to the public. This fight could be a classic. Shields will be looking to use his awesome Jiu-jitsu while Daley’s going to look to keep the fight on the feet. More importantly, both guys are in their prime. The fight could go the distance, and that will bode well for Shields’ ground game. Jake Shields via unanimous decision.

David Andrest: I will freely admit, I believe in Jake Shields. I believe the hype and he is a top 5 fighter in his weightclass. Paul Daley is a decent striker, but with that said this is the one way he has to win this fight. Jake Shields. via arm triangle , round 1

Gina Carano vs. Kelly Kobold-Gavin

Adam Morgan: Kobold is a very solid opponent and one that will bring the fight to Gina for the full three rounds but I don’t see her giving Gina any problems that she hasn’t seen before. Kobold is possibly the most complete MMA fighter that Carano has faced yet but Carano should be able to keep it standing and pepper Kobold with the more powerful and potent standup. It seems like each time out we keep saying that Gina’s opponent is “the toughest yet” but I think that definitely applies to Kobold. She has a ton of experience and a well rounded game but I think Carano is just the better athlete. Gina Carano via unanimous decision.

David Andrest: Kobold is a very experienced fighter who will not be overwhelmed by the scene or this fight. The question remains does she have the tools to FINISH Gina Carano. Carano has shown improvement on a consistent basis, and runs the danger of looking past Kobold to a match with Cyborg. Carano via unanimous decision.

Michael Huckaby: It wouldn’t surprise me if Carano were able to finish this fight but I’m afraid I have to agree with Morgan and Andrest here.  Kobold has too much experience to just give in to Carano’s limited ground game so I think we’ll have to wait out a fairly exciting fight.  Carano via decision.

Gary Herman: This is a showcase fight for Carano. It is also one that should not take place. Kobold is a serviceable enough fighter that Carano is not going to blow her out. Not to sound like a broken record but the fight should Carano vs. Cyborg. A part of me hopes Carano loses so that Elite learns its lesson. Unfortunately, that won’t happen. Carano’s stand-up will be too much for Kobold. Carano via 2nd round TKO.

Murilo Rua vs. Benji Radach

Adam Morgan: Rua seems to be back in real “Ninja” form recently and it’s good to see him devastating the Tony Bonellos of the world. However, Radach is another animal altogether. Radach is an extremely powerful wrestler with good hands and knockout power. One of the Chute Boxe weaknesses has always been wrestling and Rua is no exception. He has good muay thai and good BJJ but his reckless style and lack of wrestling will be trouble against Radach. I think Radach takes this to the ground and grinds out a decision victory over Rua. Benji Radach via unanimous decision.

David Andrest: Rua has looked very good in recent outings. Radach is a very good wrestler. This could prove to be an incredibly boring and slow fight depending on who takes control. Rua is no stranger to the big stage and has a much better resume. I look for Rua to land enough knees to end this fight. Ninja via TKO round 2

Michael Huckaby: I really can’t argue with all of Morgan’s logic but at the same time I just can’t take Radach over Ninja.  It is possible Radach could hold it down and get enough shots in to take a decision or even get a flash KO over a fatigued Rua but I think more than likely Radach will quickly realize he doesn’t have the tools than Ninja can bring.  Nina via TKO round 2.

Gary Herman: Rua vs. Radach is an exceptional fight to be the opening fight for any promotion. All around – Rua’s got the better skills, but Radach has the chance to do some damage striking. If Rua avoids the big shots, he will do well. Rua via unanimous decision.

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