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EliteXC “Heat” Thoughts & Commentary

EliteXC’s latest installment of CBS Saturday Night Fights, EliteXC “Heat,” has now come and gone and it’s time for us to hash through what we saw this evening. For the most part I thought the show was very entertaining. It contained striking battles, knockouts, some grappling, a submission, and one hell of a surprise. Let’s break it down, shall we?

What was Ken Shamrock doing sparring?

I mean, seriously. Is this for real? Hours before the fight you’re going to do heavy sparring and get cut? Bush league, Shamrock. Freaking bush league.

Seth Petruzelli shocked some, not all

And I say this because when I heard that Petruzelli was stepping in as Kimbo Slice’s opponent, I knew that Kimbo was in trouble. Not only had Kimbo prepared and trained specifically for Ken Shamrock but Petruzelli is so much more dangerous than Ken Shamrock will ever be. Even had Kimbo prepared for Petruzelli he probably wouldn’t have fared much better. Petruzelli is a very legitimate mixed martial artist who is young, possesses a lot of background in traditional martial arts, has lots of MMA experience and was legitimate enough to be considered a UFC prospect at one point in his career. All of those things didn’t stack up well in Kimbo’s favor. Anyone who knows about Petruzelli shouldn’t be surprised by his victory. Those casual fans out there who thought Kimbo was invincible, however, sure got a rude awakening tonight. 

Both Kimbo Slice and Seth Petruzelli deserve props

Both of these guys deserve some love for taking the fight on such short notice. They deserve to be recognized for still going out there and giving the fans what they paid for. I’m sure that Petruzelli had no problem going from a prelim fight to the main event but Kimbo and his management could have said “Screw this, we didn’t train for this guy and he’s a more dangerous fight for us and we’re going home.” Instead they manned up, took the fight on a few hours’ notice, and gave the fans the main event they came to see and that’s to be commended even if it didn’t turn out Kimbo’s way.

Kimbo Slice’s chin is weak sauce

Wow, was that a jab that knocked him almost completely out? Yes, that’s exactly what it was. Slice is still a youngster in the sport as far as experience and technique go but he doesn’t have a lot going for him right now. He couldn’t knock out James Thompson, a man known for his weak chin, with his best shot. He had no answer for Thompson’s side control. And now he’s getting knocked silly by jabs? If there was ever any doubt that Brett Rogers would eat Kimbo Slice alive then they were answered today. The only questions left are those surrounding Kimbo and his inadequacies. I guess the silver lining is that he didn’t lose to Ken Shamrock?

Moving on to the other fights (yes, there were other fights)…

Jake Shields’ ground game looked great, striking not so much

Shields looked to have an off night tonight and was clearly outclassed as far as the striking game goes but he was able to will the fight to the ground and dominate where he feels most comfortable. His mount was very impressive and the armbar to finish was textbook. His shots, at times, were very telegraphed and he was stuffed a few times by Daley. If he ever runs into a fighter who has a very good takedown defense then he might be up the creek without a paddle. He’s not as complete as he could be and I feel that he would be absolutely dominated by someone the caliber of Georges St. Pierre who is so good at everything, especially in regards to takedown defense.

Gina Carano doesn’t ever disappoint

She was on another level than Kelly Kobold tonight and Kelly Kobold is a damn good fighter. She will beat most of the other women in the sport and Gina thoroughly dominated her from start to finish. Gina never seems to disappoint when it comes to her fights. She always puts on a thorough striking clinic and has an uncanny ability to turn it on when it’s needed. After Kobold took her down at the end of the second round she came out pissed in the third round and really took it to Kelly. Dominating performance from Gina against a very, very legitimate opponent. Up next is Cyborg and that should be a damn good one.

Roy Nelson got robbed

And not because of the stoppage but because of the standup from side control. Since when is it okay to stand a guy up from side control when he’s working for a submission? This is just silly. A lot of referees see full guard as a 50/50 position so I can understand standups from there. But from side control? That’s a dominant position. I don’t care if he’s just laying on him from side control, you don’t stand the fighters up from that position. Listen, I’m not saying this is the reason that Nelson lost the fight. In no way is that what I’m trying to convey here. His lack of cardio is eventually what did him in but the standup didn’t help his cause any. Arlovski won the bout fair and square and wore Nelson down to a point where he couldn’t defend himself from Arlovski’s combinations anymore but standups from side control are just ridiculous. Nelson’s only chance in this fight was on the ground and the referee robbed him of an opportunity to try to end it.

Other Musings:


  • Mauricio Rua didn’t look so hot from the get-go in his fight against Benji Radach but took some real good shots and made the fight entertaining. Radach vs. Lawler would be a fun bout.
  • Did anyone else hear Frank Shamrock dissing Ken at the beginning of the show, talking about “disgracing the Shamrock name”? That was hilarious. Frank was just salty because he was hoping Ken would win and he could hype the Brother vs. Brother pay-per-view but that wasn’t to be so he decided to just take a dump on Ken. How brotherly of you, Frank.
  • Tito Ortiz to EliteXC in a week? We’ll see about that. 
  • Not to beat this into the ground but why the hell was Ken Shamrock sparring? Freaking amateur hour.




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