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K.J. Noons says he’s a free agent, EliteXC says otherwise

K.J. Noons was stripped of the EliteXC lightweight title almost a month ago after not coming to terms with EliteXC on a possible title defense against Nick Diaz. The promotion wanted to schedule Noons vs. Diaz for their October 4 EliteXC “Heat” show on CBS. Noons refused to defend the title against Nick Diaz and cited several reasons, including the fact that he felt Diaz wasn’t the number one contender for the title.

Due to the promotion taking his title away, Noons now believes he’s a free agent. “I’m a free agent,” Noons told Sherdog.

Noons was stripped of the title after allowing a 24 hour period which he was given to accept the fight against Diaz expire. EliteXC then publicly announced that they were stripping Noons of the title. But Noons claims that’s not how it went down.

“We weren’t coming to agreements on the fight, so I gave them written notice that I’d give them the belt back five days prior before they stripped me. I didn’t make it public, and I guess to prove a point, or maybe out of ego or whatever they want, they stripped me,” said Noons.

Due to the stripping of the title, Noons believes the two final fights on his contract are null and void, claiming that the fights he owed them were as a champion and now that he’s not a champion that those fights are no longer his obligation.

Jeremy Lappen, EliteXC’s Head of Fight Operations, claims that Noons still has two more fights on his contract no matter what and hopes that the two parties can come to some kind of agreement. Lappen also went on to say that EliteXC and Noons’ camp have been in negotiations and that progress has been good. No formal agreement has been made between the two parties but EliteXC did allow Noons to pursue a boxing match on November 13.

“We’re still on good terms. We’re gonna see if we can work a deal out, but as of right now, we are on the same page as I’m going to go box right now,” said Noons.

In the meantime, the vacated EliteXC lightweight title will soon have a home around someone’s waist. It has been announced that Eddie Alvarez and Nick Diaz will face off on November 8 in Reno, Nevada.

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