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Phillipe Nover TUF 5 Blog: Junie’s antics; Anderson Silva; who he wants to fight first; and more!

The show started off as a continuation of Junie’s antics. We recapped the fight between Nelson and Efrain. Then Junie jumped over the cage and embarrassed himself, his team, and his coaches. It was totally out of line. At that point I remember standing and watching in total disgust. I remember thinking why doesn’t Mir just ask Dana to throw him off the show. If I was his coach I wouldn’t corner him, train him, or even allow him to come and train at the training center. That is the background from which I come. My coaches wouldn’t tolerate behavior like that. I also agree with Shane Primm saying that “It was Junie’s attempt to steal the spotlight. And it is the most disrespectful thing you possibly can do after a fighter wins a fight.”

Junie was sitting in the pool with Shane and said something along these lines: “So I hear you guys are trying to set Phillipe up with me next week if you have control? So is he the sacrificial lamb?”

That’s pretty funny. I did speak freely and openly to my teammates, coaches, and even some of the fighters on the other team that I wanted Junie next week as long a we sustained control. So he found out the plan. I wanted to fight him because I thought he was all talk. His fighting skills didn’t impress me at all. He did well against Jose Agallar who was a one-dimensional fighter that wanted to turn the fight into a jiu-jitsu match.

I just think Junie is overrated and I wanted to also put an end to his behavior by shutting him down in the cage. He was also first pick overall so I wanted to prove to everyone he didn’t deserve to be picked first. He knows I wanted him but you can see in the next episode he has control and winds up fighting someone other than me. That was odd being he presented himself as such a badass. Junie talked smack to everyone on the show — even to their faces. He never disrespected me to my face. He always called me a “Tough Filipino.” He either respected me as a fighter or he feared me.

As you can see the pranks got a bit out of control to the point where our coaches tried to get involved to put an end to it. I do admit that it was fun pranking the other team. Vinny really can’t take a joke at all. That was out of line. I witnessed him with my own eyes peeing on Efrain’s pillow. Luckily I had a extra pillow which I offered Efrain to keep. All I can say regarding pranks is that it only gets worse. You’ll have to wait and see.

Anderson Silva stopped by as a guest coach. While the man is an animal in the cage, he is a charismatic, smooth, soft-spoken, respectable guy outside of it. He shows the world that really good fighters aren’t knuckleheads and bar brawlers. They are professionals and take life seriously. I look up to him as an overall human being. The lessons he showed us was just what I needed. His kick, knee, and elbow combos were perfect for my game.

The fight between Shane and Eliot was a disappointment. I believed in Shane. He reached too far for that clinch and opened himself up to get body locked and taken down. He did fight the choke well, better than a lot experienced fighters would have. Good luck to him and I know he’ll be back. What was more disappointing to me is that our team lost control. If our team had control I would have faced Junie next. That’s what the plan was.

In somewhat recent news, I hear that the UFC is preparing overseas events all over the world. The Philippines seems to be what everyone is talking about. If anyone has seen Chuck Liddel’s latest video on it was him getting ambushed by 4,000 Filipino fans at an Asian mall in the Philippines. It’s simple: Filipinos love the UFC!

I trace my roots to my Filipino family on my mother’s side. I practically grew up there every summer. I take pride in having Filipino Blood running through me.

I believe Filipinos naturally have a liking for combat sports. All throughout Filipino history you will find times periods with invasions and turmoil. We have a very recent war-like history that still occurs to this day.I guess you can even say it makes us tough. If the UFC plans on expanding it’s reach as far as Manila, I’m 100 percent there if I am fortunate enough to make it into the UFC.

Overall, it would be a tremendous honor to fight in the Philippines! Hopefully I won’t pass out due to the hot Filipino sun! Haha, just kidding.

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