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What I learned from UFC 89

Shane Carwin needs an opponent. No disrespect intended towards Neil Wain but Carwin is in a different class. Carwin is in a different class than many on the UFC heavyweight roster it appears. It is time for Joe Silva to step up and give Carwin a challenge.

Luis Cane is just as good as I thought he was. Cane walked through Sokoudjou’s kicks as if they were not there. While it it unfortunate for Sokoudjou to have taken such a beating, I would hope people give Luis Cane the credit he deserves rather than try to tear down a quality fighter such as Sokoudjou.

Marcus Davis is fun to watch. Even in his fight this evening, there was always a sense that something was going to happen and Davis did not disappoint. His guillotine victory over Paul Kelly was one of the better fights on tonights broadcast.

The UFC needs to spread out their Pauls and their Thiagos and not have multiples of either on the same card, It’s to confusing for Goldberg.

The UFC announce team of Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan really need to call the action they are watching , and stop trying to promote the company agenda. The very things Dana claims to hate about EliteXC are the same things we are forced to listen to from the UFC.

It’s time to face it. Brandon Vera is just not that good. To listen to Goldberg and Rogan tonight one would think Brandon Vera was the second coming of something great. This is a fighter that has never shown up for a top level fight. Tim Sylvia smashed him, Fabricio Werdum man handled him, and now Keith Jardine with a injured knee made him look ridiculous. I’ve heard all the excuses, and the reasons why he hasn’t shown his potential and I am not buying any of them.

If someone was stupid enough to take the commentary of the UFC to heart, you would have thought of Jardine as some type of underdog in this fight. A man who has defeated both Forrest Griffin and Chuck Liddell an underdog to a man who has never won a big fight. The way they talk about Vera you would think he might be the best hope to promote the UFC in a new market or something….

Speaking of best hopes to promote the UFC in a new market, Michael Bisping crossed over into very boring fighter territory tonight. Mark my words, Michael Bisping will never sell pay per views outside of the UK. Any fighter who says…………and I quote “That was my plan: stick and move and get the unanimous-decision victory.”

What we need next is for the UFC to award a “Stick and Move” of the night bonus. I was about to say, I got what I paid for, but after watching that fight I’d have to say Chris Leben is the only reason I’m not going to send in a bill for my time.

But again, I hear the praises being sung, Bisping looks great at 185……quick…….athletic…..ect… Um, No he doesn’t look great. He looks quick while moving backwards. Is there anyone in their right mind who thinks Bisping handles Franklin, Henderson, and god forbid Silva? I know we’re thirsty for new blood to face the champion but if things get any less realistic we might as well break down and hire Jim Ross to call the play by play.

I suppose it’s not exactly Bisping’s fault they are trying to force him on the masses as a star. We have all seen it before done by various promotions. They find the fighter they would like to be a headliner, the one that is easy to push to the desired audience, they build video packages to hype him up as a contender or unstoppable force. The announce team calls his fight as if they have lost all touch with reality.

Tonight I have learned Michael Bisping will not headline a show that people will pay for.

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