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TUF: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir Episode 6 Recap

The show opens this week with the focus solely on the upcoming fight. Finally we’ll get to see Junie Browning inside the cage against Roli Delgado. Junie talks about how all he wants to do is beat Delgado because he’s “not very entertaining.” Delgado, on the other hand, says this is the fight he wanted. 

Delgado’s teammates want him to beat Junie. Badly. “Please beat Junie” is the war cry from Nogueira’s camp. 

Mir and one of his coaches show up at the house to celebrate Eliot Marshall’s victory from last week. Mir says that he’s happy to have control of the fights and happy to get a win under his belt. He also takes to questioning where Delgado got his black belt. Delgado goes into what seems to be a fifteen minute tirade about how and where he got his black belt. Most of the Team Mir fighters think Delgado got it from a McDojo. Tom Lawlor even goes so far as to say he mail ordered it. Either way, Delgado lets it roll off his back and takes it in stride.

After taking a ribbing on the black belt, Junie attacks Delgado verbally with (surprise!) insults about his ability as well as the fact that Delgado won’t get past the first round. Junie tries to make a deal with Delgado that if he gets past the first round he’ll be declared the winner. 

Delgado, again, lets things roll off his back claiming that he owns rental property and a gym, has graduated from college and is generally better at life than Junie. He remarks that Junie is just a kid with a brain the size of a peacock with nothing going for him but fighting. I’d have to agree.

At the fight announcement, Junie throws a black belt in Delgado’s face. The belt eventually ends up on the ground and Junie spits on it. Nogueira is visibly deterred by Junie’s lack of respect. Even Mir is a little upset by Junie’s actions. Afterwards Anderson Silva, who is still around, tells Delgado that he is going to kick Junie’s ass. 

At the weigh ins Delgado easily makes weight. Unfortunately for Junie, though, he weighs in two pounds over to begin with. He is given one hour to lose the weight and eventually does after almost quitting Gabe Ruediger style. Okay, so it didn’t get that bad but Junie did whine a lot. Eventually his teammates helped him cut the weight and he weighed in at 156 and ready to go. 

Shortly thereafter, it’s fightin’ time.

Junie Browning (Team Mir) vs. Roli Delgado (Team Nogueira)

Round 1

Delgado lands a front kick that Junie catches right off the bat. Junie kicks Delgado’s other leg out from under him and sweeps him to the ground. From there Junie tells him to get back up and they’re both standing. Delgaod lands a nice combination with two punches and a knee that catches Junie square and dazes him a bit. Delgado with another solid combination and a couple of good low kicks that catch Junie square. Roli is landing the better combos and the higher volume of punches throughout the round even though Browning is pushing the pace. Near the end of the round Junie is asking Delgado to hit him and Delgado hits him square with a left and then tries for a knee that narrowly misses. Junie continues to ask Delgado to hit him and puts his chin straight out in the air. Junie finally delivers a couple of good combinations at the end of the round but it’s probably too little, too late for him to win the round.

Round 2

Junie comes out like a man possessed at the beginning of the round, completely taking it to Delgado. Junie lands a big body shot. Delgado tries to shoot in but gets stuffed. Browning starts landing brutal body shots which seem to be taking the wind out of Delgado very quickly. Junie then begins to land some big leg kicks that Delgado has no answer for. Delgado lands the occasional jab but it appears that the body shots are taking a big toll. Junie starts to land some power shots and hits Delgado with a combo and then a right hand that drops him against the cage. Junie goes in for the finish but Delgado is able to keep his distance and keep Junie at bay. Delgado shows a rock hard chin as Junie lands a few more solid shots before the round ends.

And we are headed to a third round…

Round 3

Junie opens with a leg kick and Delgado counters with the jab. Delgado seems to be landing the jab at will but Junie is responding with much more powerful and damaging shots. Both fighters attack in bunches and then back off to regain their composure. Both fighters are extremely tired at this point. Browning lands a spinning backfist that glances off of Delgado. Delgado fires a front kick that is caught and he ends up on his butt again. Junie refuses to engage on the ground and controls Delgado’s legs, kicking them when he has the opportunity and keeping Delgado planted on the floor. Delgado scrambles back to his feet and narrowly avoids a power shot from Junie. Delgado lands a nice combination but without a lot of power on it. Both fighters trading shots as the clock winds down. 

Winner: Junie Browning via split decision

Junie is disgusted with his performance and says that he now has a lot of respect for Delgado after Delgado took him all three rounds. He also makes it a point to apologize to Nogueira for spitting on the black belt. Mir says that Junie was told to be exciting and hints that the TV execs might have egged him on a little bit with the black belt schtick.

Delgado is visibly upset that he lost but Nogueira says that he doesn’t mind losing if all of his fighters go out and fight the way that Roli fought. If there was any question as to whether or not Roli belonged in the house they were answered in this fight. He took Browning’s best shots and kept coming forward.

Be sure to tune in next week as more pranks are played and Team Mir gets a workout that they’ll never forget.

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