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Dana White speaks out about ProElite’s demise

In his latest video blog, UFC President Dana White addressed this week’s demise of ProElite. To no one’s surprise, White isn’t shedding any tears about seeing yet another competitor fall by the wayside.

“Obviously today is a great day in MMA,” White began. “ProElite is dead. I’m sure some of you saw the interview I did about how bad these guys are for the sport, so today is a good day.”

White continued from there, proving he’s not averse to kicking someone while they’re down.

Jeremy Lappen, the three time loser,” said White. “This guy was with a company called Battle Management. Then the other one there that we ended up getting… the WFA. And now, ProElite. Jeremy, you have a law degree. Go get a real f—– job. Okay? Go get a real job. Your parents must be really bummed out. Spent all that money on a law degree and you’re f—— around in MMA trying to screw up this business. Go screw up someone’s f—— court case, or go do something else.”

But Lappen, EliteXC’s former Head of Fight Operations, wasn’t the only member of the company that White directed his vitriol at, aiming next at former EliteXC Vice President Jared Shaw.

“And then the little rapper kid,” White began. “You’ve got a rich daddy. You can just live at home with your mom and dad and live in the basement. (Laughs) You don’t even have to get a job. You can hang out at nightclubs and DJ and go back to the basement and go to sleep, you little f—–.

Gary Shaw? He’s going to be around for a long time in boxing, so as long as he stays in boxing, all us MMA people can be happy. It’s a good day. It’s a good day that these guys are gone. Obviously, I saw a lot of the comments and a lot of the people agreed with me about how bad these guys are for the sport. So thank G-d they’re gone.”

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