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UFC 90: Results and LIVE Play-by-Play

Welcome to Fiveouncesofpain’s coverage of UFC 90: “Silva vs. Cote” live from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinios. Play-by-Play action should begin around 8 p.m. ET.

The main event of the evening features UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva as he takes on Canadian Patrick Cote.

In other action late replacement Josh Koscheck will face off with Thiago Alves in the welterweight showdown. Also former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk will battle up and coming superstar Tyson Griffin in a much anticipated lightweight match.

Hit F5 on your keyboard to refresh, as play-by-play is updated in real time. Feel Free to join in the discussion in our comments section.

Josh Burkman vs. Pete Sell
Round 1-Mike Reid is the referee for this fight. Burkman gets a low kick countered by a right hand from Pete Sell. Drago tries for a takedown but Josh cancels that and they clinch. Burkman gets a good right hook that hurts Pete. Josh then gets the takedown and is in half guard. He lands several elbows. Burkman gets Sell’s right arm and holds it with his left leg but is unable to do anything. Drago gets the arm free and gets full guard. The referee stands them up. The clinch up against the cage and Sell goes for a takedown which Burkman whizzered out of. First round ends. 10-9 Burkman

Round 2-The round starts off with both fighters throwing jabs and straights but none doing damage. Drago is able to land a right and tries for a double leg takedown but Burkman says no way. Josh lands a jab that sends Sell backwards. Burkman gets in a body kick about 1/2 way through the round. They clinch then separate. Pete gets a left to Burkman’s midsection. Sell gets in a few more shots. Pete gets a nice over hand right to Burkman’s midsection. Josh is throwing wild shots. Drago throws only to miss and Burkman gets the takedown. Round two over. 10-9 Sell

Round 3-Pete Sell comes out with a swollen right eye. Josh Burkman lands with a knee to the body of Drago. They clinch. Drago attempts a takedown but Burkman says it is not gonna happen. Both fighters exchange a few punches. Burkman goes for a takedown but Sell stuffs it. Sell gives Josh a left jab to the chin. Pete is able to land several more quick shots before Burkman gets the takedown, but Sell finds himself on top. Sell sets up the guillotine but the buzzer sounds ending the fight. 10-9 Sell

Unanimous Decision-Pete Sell 29-28

Hermes Franca vs. Marcus Aurelio
Round 1- The referee in charge of this bout is Todd Frederickson. The tension is thick and the referee  has to separate them before the fight even starts due to Franca bumping Aurelio while passing by him inside the Octagon.  The action begins with Franca going for a flying knee that misses but he is able to land a low kick. Franca is able to get in kicks to Aurelio’s lower legs and thighs. Marcus misses with several shots before landing a nice jab. Franca gets in another kick answered with a right by Aurelio. The first round closes out with more kicks from Franca. 10-9 Franca.

Round 2-Franca comes out in round 2 with more kicks. Marcus is throwing fists but nothing really doing any damage. Hermes is counters with a nice combo: left jab,right cross, and then a low kick. Aurelio sets up a combo that connects but not much damage from it. Both fighters exchange but no solid shots from either. They exchange again with both fighters landing decent shots. Round two ends with a hard low kick from Franca. 10-9 Franca.

Round 3-Round three starts off with Franca again throwing leg kicks. The kicks are getting to Aurelio and he is visibly frustrated. Aurelio shoots for a takedown but is unable to get it. When Franca throws another kick Aurelio is able to catch it and get the takedown. Marcus passes to half guard and lands several strikes. Franca is able to get guard and then stand. As Franca is getting to his feet Aurelio lands a knee to Franca’s head. Referee Fredrickson stops the fighters and says it was an illegal knee. Replays seem to show that it was a legal knee. The fight resumes with Franca landing a leg kick. Aurelio tries for a single leg takedown and they end up in the clinch. The separate and Franca throws a combo that misses. The round ends. 10-9 Franca

Unanimous Decision Hermes Franca. 29-28, 29-28, 30-27.

Franca attempts to shake hands with Marcus Aurelio but Marcus refuses. Hermes then flips him off.

Dan Miller vs. Matt Horwich
Round 1- Referee Mike Reid is officiating this fight. Dan Miller starts off with a superman punch followed with a takedown. Miller is in full guard after Matt Horwich tries a leg lock. Matt then uses rubber guard to secure a gogoplata, and then an omaplata, neither work. Horwich gets guard and wants to use the cage to stand up. They scramble and Matt is on top after Miller shoots. Horwich ends up on his back . There is little going on and the fighters stand up. Miller lands a left jab and a right straight to the face of Matt Horwich. They go back to the ground and Horwich looks to secure another omaplata. The round ends. 10-9 Miller.

Round 2-Dan Miller gets a takedown but Horwich is able to get it back to standing and they clinch. Miller gets Horwich’s arm and falls to guard. Horwich uses rubber gurad to get an omaplata and is able to get on top and looks to pass guard. Dan now tries to use the rubber guard but with no results. The fighters scramble and Horwich is able to get Miller’s back. Matt locks in a body triangle and works on a rear naked choke. Miller is able to defend but ends up mounted. Horwich is able to land some ground and pound forcing Miller to give up his back. Horwich is working on a rear naked choke again as the round ends. 10-9 Horwich.

Round 3-Both fighters touch gloves to start round 3. Miller gets a takedown. Horwich uses rubber guard and attempts another omaplata. Miller is able to pass but only for a moment. Horwich secures full guard. Horwich has his back against the cage and just seems to sit there. Miller then is able to get several strike in. They continue on the ground staying active but nothing really going on. Dan Miller lands several punches cutting Horwich under the right eye. Round 3 ends as Horwich landed a upkick. 10-9 Miller.

Unanimous Decision Dan Miller. Scored 29-28 by all 3 judges.

Spencer Fisher vs. Shannon Gugerty
Round 1-Gugerty starts round 1 with an attempt to takedown Spencer Fisher. Shannon gets double under hooks and is able to take Fisher down. Once there, Gugerty is not able to do anything from the top position and loses it as Fisher is able to stand. There is a little dirty boxing against the cage and Gugerty tries for another takedown. Gugerty lands a knee to the stomach of Spencer Fisher. The fighters clinch and separate. Spencer connects with a big right hand that drops Shannon Gugerty. Fisher lets him get up and throws again. The 1st round ends with Fisher ground and pounding Gugerty. 10-9 Fisher.

Round 2-Gugerty starts out round 2 with a high kick that misses and causes him to slip and fall. He gets up and the two fighters clinch. Fisher gets Gugerty’s back up against the cage. They separate. A little bit of dirty boxing then Gugerty throws a low right kick just as Fisher misses with a right hand. Fisher gets the takedown and Gugerty looks for a guillotine. Gugerty stands while still holding the choke. He lets go of the choke and throws a flurry of punches. Fisher eats several of these to the face but Spencer is able to block two high kicks that followed. The round ends. 10-9 Gugerty.

Round 3- The 3rd round starts out with the fighters in the clinch. Gugerty gets the takedown but Fisher is able to lock in a deep triangle. Gugerty’s face is beet red but he is giving the referee the thumbs up. Finally, 3:56 into the round Gugerty taps.

Winner- Spencer Fisher via triangle submission. 3:56 Round 3.

Thales Leites vs. Drew McFedries
Round 1-Referring this fight is Mark Fenell. The fight starts with a big right hand from Drew McFedries that stuns Leites. Thales is able to recover and gets a slam takedown. Once on the mat, Leites passes guard and gets McFedries’s back. Leites sinks in the hooks and gets the rear-naked choke. Referee Mike Fenell stops the contest at 1:18 in round 1. Winner via rear-naked choke submission-Thales Leites, 1:18 Round 1.

Sean Sherk vs. Tyson Griffin

Tyson Griffin walks in to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger”. He seems calm.

Sean Sherk comes walks in to a rock song that I am not familiar with. He looks serious and ready!
Round 1-Referee in charge of the Octagon for this fight is David Smith. The fighters dance around feeling each other out. Sherk shoots and gets the takedown. He gets Tyson’s back and sinks in the choke while riding piggy back across the ring so Griffin could talk to his corner. Griffin shakes Sean loose. They are in the clinch and Griffin gets a few good knees in before Sherk takes him down. Griffin is able to stand and they are clinched against the cage. Referee tells them to work. Big right hand by Tyson. The go to the center of the cage and exchange. Sherk gets some nice shots in. Body shot by Griffin. They continue to exchange. Griffin gets in a head kick. Griffin shoots and Sean is able to stuff it. Sean spins and gets Tyson’s back. Griffin is able to get out. Good exchanges. Sherk’ stand up looks very good. Buzzer. Exciting Round! 10-9 Sherk.

Round 2-Sherk comes out and shoots and gets Griffin down with his back against the cage. Griffin stands up and they move to the center of the Octagon and exchange. Sherk throws a nice right hand. They are throwing for the fences! Sherk combo with the hands follows with a low kick. Griffin gets abouther good body shot. Griffin two low leg kicks. They both exchange hard hits. Back and forth. Sherk continues to throw nice uppercuts. Griffin is breathing hard with 1:20 left in the round. Sherk goes for a takedown but it doesn’t happen. They continue to exchange hard blows and kicks. Randy is in Griffin’s corner and you can hear him yelling to Griffin. The buzzer sounds. Great fight! The crowd is very into this fight.10-9 Griffin

Round 3- Griffin comes out throws some heat that stuns Sherk. They continue to exchange. They are both still throwing as hard as they can. Sherk nice uppercut followed by a high knee. Sherk came out in round three with cuts under both eyes. The left eye is more swollen than the right. Tyson’s face is also showing damage. They continue to exchange back and forth. Sherk’s nose is bleeding now. Sherk throws a nice combo. The crowd goes nuts at the 1:00 minute mark. Sherk good right hand. the both let loose with 20 seconds left. The buzzer rings. This was a super exciting fight. It is difficult to score but I score it in favor of Griffin.10-9 Griffin

The judges scored the fight: 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 for a Unanimous Decision. Winner-Sean Sherk.

The crowd booed very loudly with the decision. They continued to boo throughout Sherk’s interview with Joe Rogan. Very close fight.

Fabricio Werdum vs. Junior dos Santos
Round 1-Referee for this fight is Marc Fennell. Werdum starts the action with a low kick. Santos ends the fight suddenly with a huge right uppercut. Santos followed with two shots to the downed Werdum, but the fight was already over. Junior dos Santos via KO 1:20 Round 1.

Rich Clementi vs. Gray Maynard
Round 1-The referee in charge of the Octagon for this fight is Todd Fredrickson. The fighters come out and touch gloves. The first minute is spent feeling each other out. Maynard throws a nice right hand. The continue to dance around the cage. No Love gets in a high kick. At the 3:00 mark the crowd starts to boo at the lack of action. Maynard shoots but give it up and throws a knee. Maynard is swinging but missing. Maynard gets the takedown. The Bully is in Rich’s guard and is getting some body shots in. Clementi gets a few shots from bottom. The buzzer rings. 10-9 Maynard.

Round 2-Maynard shoots but Clementi is able to stuff it. Maynard gets the takedown and they scramble. Maynard gets a standing guillotine. Clementi is able to escape the hold and they go back to the ground with Clementi holding Maynard’s arm in a lock. Maynard was able to get out of that. Gray has Clementi in a neck hold but Rich has Gray’s leg. Maynard sweeps around and gets the back of No Love. They scramble and the round ends with Maynard on top. 10-9 Maynard.

Round 3-Maynard comes out and slams Clementi to the canvas. The referee Rich to tell the fighters to work. Clementi scrambles but Maynard is able to maintain top position. Rich gets some elbows to Gray’s head from the bottom. Maynard gets side control and moves to pass to the mount. Rich escapes out through Maynard’s legs. Maynard endures and gets the back of Rich Clementi. Rich scrambles up and Maynard gets a takedown. They are up and another take down by Maynard. Loud boos from the crowd with over :25 seconds left. Round 3 ends with Gray Maynard in the top position controlling the fight. 10-9 Maynard.

Winner via UD- Gray Maynard.

Josh Koscheck vs. Thiago Alves
Round 1-Bruce Buffer announces that the referee for this fight is Dr. David Smith. Alves gets a nice right jab in followed by a low kick. Kos slips while attempting a kick. Alves threw a juge right and knocks Kos down, hurting him. He continued after him with a combo and kick. Kos grabs Thiago’s leg and somehow is able to recover. He was rocked. Thiago throws a head kick and connects. Josh hits Alves with a good right straight. Kos gets another right and a body shot as well. Thiago gets a loud low kick. Kos shoots and has Thiago up against the cage in the clinch with 1:00 minute left. Thiago is able to move the fight back to the middle of the Octagon. The buzzer rings. The fighters tap gloves and head to their corners.10-9 Alves.

Round 2-Round 2 continues the stand up fight with Koscheck getting some good shots and kicks. They exchange and Kos gets a nice kick that backs Thiago up. Kos moves forward and gets a knee to the body of Thiago and they clinch. Alves throws two high kicks that connect but do not damage. Kicks by Kos in return. The crowd is growing louder over these leg kicks. Alves is continuing to throw hard kicks. Kos shoots for a takedown with a single leg. Thiago has stuffed it and they are clinched against the cage. The referee tells them to work. Koscheck has a body lock on Thiago, but Alves has underhooks in. The buzzer rings.10-9 Alves.

Round 3-The fighters come out and exchange low kicks. Alves drops Josh with two kicks. He jumps on Kos and they scramble. Koscheck is able to get free but he was hurt from that exchange. He is able to recover quickly. They continue the stand up exchange and Koscheck tells the referee that he was poked in the eye. The referee checks it out and then they go back to the fight. Next Thiago gets poked in the eye from a straight right. The referee restarts the fight with just over 90 seconds remaining. Thiago is pushing forward and is rocking Kos with kicks and a big knee to the head. More hard leg kicks and hard jabs and a right hook. The both start swinging with everything. The buzzer rings but the fighters do not hear it and continue the fight to the ground. The ref, Dr. David Smith grabs them and ends the fight. 10-9 Alves.

Winner by Unanimous Decision-Thiago Alves. Judges scored it: 30-27, 29-28, 30-27.
Anderson Silva vs. Patrick Cote

Cote comes in smiling and as though he hasn’t a care in the world. He interacts with the fans throughout the entire walk.

Silva dances and smiles coming in. He is holding his head high and sings along with his entrance music. He is very relaxed looking but yet you can see he is focused.
Round 1-The referee for the middleweight championship fight is Herb Dean. Cote swings and misses. The first minute shows no action. They continue to dance and size each other up. Silva inside leg kick, checked by Cote. Anderson with two nice leg kicks. Another is check. Cote responds with his own low kick. Cote high kick. Anderson switches his fight stance. Silva with a hard kick. Cote smiles. They both start to exaggerate their leg movements while mocking each other. Silva low kick. Cote switches his stance. Anderson ends the round with a high kick. The buzzer rings and both fighters bow to each other.

Round 2-Cote starts the round with an inside leg kick. Silva connects with a combination and just misses with a head kick. Cote answers with a spinning back fist that connects but doesn’t cause any damage. Silva gets a takedown against the fence. The Spider is able to get a few elbows through Cote’s guard and Cote gets an elbow to Silva’s head from the bottom. Silva stands and back away and then puts out his hand to help Cote get to his feet and resume the fight standing. Wow, what a gentleman. Anderson starts to throw his hands around to throw Cote off. Patrick shoots for a leg, and then shoots again with both fighters against the cage. Silva gets some knees in from the clinch before the round ends.

Round 3-Cote lands an overhand right and a leg kick to start off round 3. Patrick Cote pops out his right knee and falls to the mat. Patrick struggled to his feet in pain and intended to continue the fight. Referee Herb Dean told Cote that he was not able to continue. Winner via TKO 0:39 into Round 3-Anderson Silva.

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