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Patrick Cote believes he got the better of Silva

Despite losing a to UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva via third round TKO caused by a potentially severe knee injury, Patrick Cote appeared to be in good spirits following UFC 90 this past Saturday.

“I think I proved to everyone that this guy (Silva) is not unbeatable,” Cote stated during a video interview with “I think I f—– him up really bad.”

Despite losing on two of the three judges’ scorecards in round one and then losing on all three in round two, Cote was happy with his performance during the fight.

“I think I did a good job,” Cote told MMA Canada. “I f—– my knee in the middle of the second round. In the middle of the second round I (was fighting) on one leg. One leg… I received a lot of good comments that I did great against Anderson Silva. I think I’m the first guy in the UFC to make three rounds with Anderson Silva.”

But Cote was far from done, as he stated several times during the interview that he felt Silva fought with fear.

“My gameplan was good and I think that he was scared to exchange with me,” Cote said. “I received all of his best punches and all of his best knees and I was still there… In the first two rounds I was there and I think I gave him a lot of trouble. He was f—-d. He didn’t know how to go inside and to beat me… I was very comfortable on my feet and I think he was running all the time and he was scared of my punch.”

Speculation right after the fight was that Cote has torn his ACL. However, when asked about the condition of his knee, the Canadian-born fighter revealed that he believes it’s his meniscus that might be torn.

“My knee is f—– up,” Cote said. “My meniscus – I thnk it’s my meniscus – my outside meniscus is bad. Really bad. Everybody who thinks that I am faking, you’re wrong because it was an opportunity of a lifetime. That was for the world championship of the biggest organization of the world (and) I’m not going to fake it. If you cut off my leg and I can fight with only one leg, I don’t give a f—. But the thing is I wasn’t able to fight.”

Another pressing topic during the interview was whether Cote perceived Silva’s gesture of offering a hand when he was on the ground in round 2 of the fight as an act of disrespect.

“I think it was a little bit rude,” he responded when asked by the interviewer for his thoughts on the matter. “Before I landed two big elbows on his head, I was waiting for the blood but the blood didn’t come up. The thing is, he wanted to help me to stand up but I don’t know. I found that a little bit rude and I didn’t want to take his hand. I wanted to get back on my feet by myself.”

Cote closed the interview by indicating that he would welcome a rematch and that he felt he was deserving of one, but acknowledged that the decision was out of his control and would be left up to UFC officials.

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