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Cesar Gracie says Nick Diaz to fight next in Japan

Ever since the collapse of ProElite and EliteXC, managers such as Monte Cox have reviewed their fighters’ contracts and contacted EliteXC officials about a possible breach of contract with ProElite closing its doors.

The contract for EliteXC’s fighters basically states that if EliteXC is unable to fulfill its payment obligations that the fighters can seek to terminate their contract with the company. Upon notifying the company of a possible breach, EliteXC has thirty days to respond. Cesar Gracie is the latest to do so, sending a notice to EliteXC officials last Friday that the company had breached their contract with his fighters.

This news comes via a report by MMA Weekly.

Gracie, however, is already making plans for Nick Diaz’s next fight, which could come as early as New Year’s Eve for the DREAM promotion in Japan. Gracie claims that if Diaz fights in Japan that he doesn’t have to adhere to the thirty day waiting period that EliteXC has to respond to the notice of breach of contract.

“We’re not doing anything wrong if he fights in Japan. As far as him fighting in the U.S., then the 30 day thing (applies),” Gracie told MMA Weekly.

Gracie said that representatives from both DREAM and Sengoku have approached him about using Diaz on their New Year’s shows. DREAM and K-1 are scheduled for a combined event on December 31 while Sengoku’s New Year’s show will take place on January 4. Gracie said that Diaz will be fighting on one of the two shows.

  • Numba1Stunna says:

    Awesome to hear, Can’t wait for Nick to be back in the mix. Hopefully he can parlay a win on New Years to a UFC contract. After reading that quote from Dana about Nick, It seems if Nick can pull his shit together he will competing in the LW division with his brother.

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  • Davey D says:

    If Nick decides to go to Sengoku. Gomi vs. Diaz II would be freaking insane. They might match him up with an unknown but I’d rather him fight someone who we’ve heard of. If he goes to Dream, Mach Sakurai would be a good choice. Nick will pretty much fight anyone save for Nathan, Jake and Gilbert. Maybe he would for the right price though? Stay tuned…

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  • Shatner says:

    I would expect to see a Diaz vs. Sakurai match-up this was rumored to happen months ago.

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  • dpk says:

    Its a good point, that I don’t think Elite had exclusive contracts with all of there fighters. I’m sure there are some limitations on where they can fight, but I wouldn’t be surprised if alot of these guys were free to fight in Japan next week.

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  • truth says:

    Mean mugging is in high demand in Japan.

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