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5 Oz. of Pain World MMA Rankings Updated

After some time away working on multiple projects, founder and publisher Sam Caplan updated the site’s world rankings earlier this morning for the first time since August.

The updated rankings can now be viewed by clicking here and includes changes to all six weight classes as well as the top-ten pound-for-pound rankings.

Despite a performance at UFC 90 last weekend that was panned by many critics, Anderson Silva remains the top pound-for-pound fighter.

“If you believed Silva was the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world before his fight vs. Patrick Cote at UFC 90, why would you think any less of him?,” Caplan wrote in Silva’s defense, which might come as a surprise since he was one of the last holdouts to bestow the designation on him.

Dropped from the P4P was UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture, who has not competed since August of 2007.

“Couture went a full year of inactivity,” wrote Caplan, who also serves as the chair for the rankings committee for the World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts. “Couture will be eligible to return to my rankings on Nov. 15, but he’ll need to beat Brock Lesnar in order to regain top-ten P4P status.”

Major changes to the individual weight class rankings include the long-delayed additions of Rashad Evans and Sean Sherk. The most vocal critics of the 5 Oz. World Rankings had pointed to the notable omissions of both Evans and Sherk but Caplan believed they weren’t worth on inclusion until this month.

Evans’ upset victory over Chuck Liddell in September and Sherk’s first untainted victory at lightweight in the past two years last weekend were the motivation for moving them into the top ten light heavyweights and top ten lightweights, respectively.

In addition to the debuts of Evans and Sherk, Jorge Santiago is now the 5 Oz. tenth ranked middleweight following his Oct. 31 Sengoku middleweight World Grand Prix victory.

Another fighter that competed at Sengoku VI was Takanori Gomi, who had been ranked as the site’s number two lightweight. However, recent lackluster performances combined with an upset loss to Sergey Golyaev caused him to fall all the way to six. Eddie Alvarez is now ranked second behind B.J. Penn in the 155 rankings.

There was also notable upheaval at welterweight, where Jake Shields has replaced Jon Fitch as the 5 Oz. number two ranked welterweight. Fitch’s loss in August to UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre coupled with Shields victory over Paul Daley on Oct. 4 is the reason for the change. Fitch fell all the way to number four following Thiago Alves’ impressive victory over Josh Koscheck at UFC 90 last weekend.

To see the rankings in their entirety, click here.

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