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Former IFL heavyweight Shane Ott still in critical condition

Former IFL heavyweight Shane Ott is still listed in critical condition at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, according to his cousin, Christy Ott.

Contacted via phone by on Wednesday morning, Ms. Ott indicated that her cousin remains in a medically induced coma and that he is “still not out of the water.”

Shane Ott was critically injured in a motorcycle accident Sunday morning and sustained numerous fractures throughout his body that resulted in the amputation of one of his legs. Originally hospitalized in Reading, Ott was later transferred to the University of Pennsylvania, where he is currently receiving around the clock medical care.

Ms. Ott indicated that doctors are working to repair damage that Ott sustained in the accident but that work is intermittent at times due to the severity of his injuries. The doctors have specifically been working on Ott’s amputated leg in hopes that he will be able to be fitted for a prosthetic at a later date should he be able to make it through this rough stretch. Ms. Ott also stated that doctors attempted to fit Ott for a trach for assisted breathing but that the procedure was not completed because he continues to breath on his own.

Initial word had recklessly spread across the Internet earlier this week that Ott had passed when that wasn’t the case. According to Ms. Ott, there were seven motorcycles accidents in the Reading area on Sunday, which led several medical officials with the original hospital where Ott had been admitted to pass on erroneous information when they had no authorization to divulge information of any kind. Ms. Ott expressed that the flow of misinformation has made a difficult time for the Ott family even more painful.

Ms. Ott indicated that friends of Shane Ott have begun work towards organizing a blood drive that is tentatively scheduled to be held on Nov. 22. We’ll have more information when it becomes available for the benefit of those looking to help.

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