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Adam Morgan’s Sprawl ‘N Brawl (MMA News Roundup)

In this week’s amazing edition of Sprawl ‘N Brawl we’ll take a look at the fallout from last night’s WEC 36 event, the disaster that is TUF 8, just how tacky ProElite really is and various other sundry MMA news items. Come one, come all. Let’s dive into it…

WEC 36 Fallout

Big ups to Mike Brown for taking care of business with Urijah Faber but I’ll still take Faber in a rematch any day of the week. Everything Brown is good at, Faber is just that much better. I don’t want to say Brown got lucky because we know he has power and we know that he is very good, but had Faber not thrown that silly elbow would we even be talking about Mike Brown today? My guess is no. Faber got way too overconfident with that elbow and jumped directly into a solid right hand. My guess is that next time Faber will be more cautious, as well he should be. An immediate rematch seems very likely and I’ll bet on Faber again for sure.

Paulo Filho lost himself a spot in the world’s top MMA organization last night. The performance that he put on was one of the most horrendous performances in the history of MMA. The fact that Filho weighed in seven pounds over showed that he clearly did not care about making weight for the fight. I mean, coming in two pounds or one pound overweight is understandable. But seven pounds? It doesn’t get much more unprofessional. And the unprofessionalism carried over into the fight as well. Whether it be personal demons, drugs, whatever, Filho needs to get himself together and do it quick or he’s not going to be relevant much longer in MMA. For someone with as much talent as he possesses it is a crying shame that he clearly doesn’t give a rat’s ass.

Leonard Garcia is very legit at 145 lbs. At 155 he was overpowered and outsized but 145 lbs. looks to be perfect for him. He has fast hands, good boxing, knockout power, a decent ground game, and most important of all: gameness. He’s made a strong case for a shot at the title at 145 lbs. with wins over Hiroyuki Takaya and Pulver.

Jake Rosholt, as good as he is, needs big time work on his standup. I fear for him in the UFC’s middleweight division. Even though it’s not their strongest division, it is a division which will give someone as one dimensional as Rosholt some major problems. Rosholt looked great in his wrestling and ground game last night, don’t get me wrong. But his standup, specifically his standup defense, was atrocious. The UFC, who is likely banking on Rosholt to become a future star, will have to be very careful with who they match him up with. Beating Osterneck was a very solid win for him, but the damage he took during the fight must be minimized in the future.

In other news this week…

TUF 8 is awful

I’ve been harping on how terrible this show is for the past few seasons for a long, long time now as have many other people. But peeing in fruit and letting the other team eat it and then retaliating by masturbating onto sushi? That’s just downright ridiculous. The show has officially jumped the shark if it hadn’t already done so. The show has been terrible and stale for a long time now but it officially reached a new low with last night’s episode. Poor showing on Dana White’s part to even be involved in putting that product on television and putting his seal of approval on it. When there’s piss, sperm, and the threat of feces involved it’s time to take a step back and ask how this show stooped so low.

ProElite is auctioning itself off

And using banner ads on MMA websites to do so. Does it get much more tacky? It’s like an infomercial. “You too can own your very own KIMBO SLICE! Or Frank Shamrock! Highest bidder wins, wins, wins!” Not to mention the fact that it’s a total dick move to all the fighters that their contracts will be held up in some ridiculous auction. Guys like Dave Herman, Jake Shields, Nick Diaz, Eddie Alvarez, etc. are being held in limbo when they could be out actively searching for employment, getting paid, and looking for better opportunities. The company is a complete and total joke and this stunt is just one more incident in a long line of stupid, stupd incidents. Here’s to hoping these fighters somehow find a way to get out of the contracts or that someone with some sense buys the company and its assets.

Denis Kang signs a four-fight deal with the UFC

This is a very strong addition to the UFC’s middleweight division even if Kang has lost some fights recently. He’s still young, he’s still a very explosive fighter, and has a lot of fights left in him. His first fight, however, will most likely be a tough one as the UFC’s middleweight division, while not their best, is still very competitive. Even a fight againt someone like Jason MacDonald could be a dangerous fight for Kang. Nice addition to the weight class, though, for sure. Kang is skilled, has the look, and is a commodity for foreign expansion. Solid move by the UFC to nab him.

Pat Miletich returns at Adrenaline MMA 2

Okay, first of all, who thought Adrenaline MMA 2 would be a good idea? Anyone? I can’t think of a single person who has been all “Man, I really wish Adrenaline would run another show.” You know why? Because the first Adrenaline show was terrible. Now, that being said, can anyone imagine a good reason for Pat Miletich to get back into the sport right now? I certainly can’t, especially not against Thomas Denny who can be a dangerous opponent if given an opening. I’m not one to tell a legend when he should hang up the gloves but this is dicey. Let’s just say that I’d much rather see Miletich coaching up and coming athletes rather than getting back into fighting himself.

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