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Shonie Carter shares his latest adventure with the Underground forum

“I got myself into another debacle!,” blasts the subject header from a message on the legendary Underground forum on And seeing that Shonie Carter is the author of the message, I click without delay, knowing that I will be provided some good entertainment.

Once again, Mr. International doesn’t fail to disappoint.

“Ok, last time I was in California when it all started, but this time I have really messed up!,” the message began. “I was out one night partying up and before I knew it, I am on a private jet. I laughed at first and passed out on the plane. I woke up in Istanbul, Turkey. The reason I know because I am looking at the Black Sea! WTF!”

WTF, indeed. But Shonie wasn’t done. Not by a long shot.

“I got a ride to Bulgarian/Turkish border looking for American Embassy,” Carter continued. “Does anybody have any ideas on how to get back? The one time I leave my friggin’ passport at home I need the damned thing! Somebody let bodybag76 and Immaculata know to message me here please! I am in hotel business center and my two cellphones don’t work. I forgot all about that! Help me. Mr. International.”

Two cellphones. You got that?

A few hours later came an update. Shonie was on the move.

“I am gonna try getting to Greece it is only an hour away,” he wrote in his update. “Just get me help! Send messages here (and) not MySpace — it has been phished! I just found out and don’t know how to fix it yet. Gotta go, I will be back on in an about an hour! I gotta get a ride to Greece.”

And like that, he was gone… that was until another update hours later in the day.

“Wow, ok I made it (through) Turkey,” Carter pronounced. “I am in Sofia, Bulgaria as I found out now. I got a ride from the Bulgarian girl. The truth of the matter is she was a diplomat’s daughter and she was with him at the UFC. I didn’t think they were serious about all of this. I am headed to an authority office of visitors since I can’t find the damned U.S. embassy. Fellas this is the type of sh— I go (through) in my life. I gotta get back and pay the mortgage and see my kids! I gotta train for my world middleweight title fight in the Shidokan World Championships and black belt test (on) November 22 &2 3. I know you guys don’t have a reason to believe me right now, but sh– happens to me like (everyone) else but on a much larger scale. I have made it to a hotel business center here in Sofia, Bulgaria.”

Carter issued an immediate followup, supporting his claim that he’s just like everyone else, except on a much larger scale.

“… And by the way can someone go by my place and check the mail and feed my two new Pythons and Tarantulas? Don’t ask and don’t mess with the Monitor Lizard (because) it gets grumpy easily!”

Is it true? Knowing Shonie Carter’s reputation, it probably is and more. For the more skeptical in the audience, long-time Underground czar and renowned good guy Kirik Jenness confirmed that an IP check revealed that Carter’s IP number indeed could be traced to Bulgaria.

Shonie Carter is without question one of the most irreverent characters in MMA. His story even tops the outrageous story I overheard former ICON Sport fighter Jay R. Palmer telling everyone following his loss to Anthony Morrison at a Combat Sports Challenge show in Colonial Heights, Virginia this past August. When asked how he wound up in New Jersey having fought in Hawaii, Palmer claimed that he had been a victim of identity fraud and discovered that the person stealing his ID was in Jersey. According to Palmer, he left Hawaii in order to hunt the man down and once he ended up in Jersey, he decided to stay. He never specified whether he actually found the guy.

And that’s one of the many beauties of MMA. The people you meet and stories you hear are unlike those you’ll experience in most other walks of life. The sport’s critics can say just about whatever they want about our sport, but they can never call it boring.

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