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Improprieties surrounding the impending resignation of Armando Garcia begin to surface

Explosive new allegations surrounding the impending departure of outgoing California State Athletic Commission executive director Armando Garcia are now coming to light.

CSAC will convene on Tuesday, November 18, and according to a meeting agenda posted on the commission’s website, Garcia’s resignation will be formally accepted at that time. According to a report by, Garcia’s resignation comes under dubious circumstances, as he was given the ultimatum to either resign or be terminated.

In an article titled “Hi There, Welcome to Wal-Mart” authored by writer Michael Swann, it is alleged that Garcia was the recipient of illegal gifts and is currently mired in a sexual harassment lawsuit brought forth against him by a formal employee.

At the root of the allegations that Garcia received illegal gifts is a claim made in a prior investigation by 15 Rounds that Garcia violation of Chapter 18, Article 6308 of the Professional Boxing Act of 1996. The site has spoken to former CSAC staffers that claimed it “was common practice for (Garcia) to accept gifts and lunches.”

While the accusations of accepting gifts on an illegal basis are serious, 15 Rounds indicates that Garcia is currently being sued for sexual harassment by a former CSAC office technician named Lily Galvez.

“…Galvez, was observed ‘hand feeding’ Armando and adjusting his attire at events, in the office, and in the field,” Swann writes. “She also accompanied him on trips. In itself this is third party harassment because others in the office could question perceived favoritism because they chose not to fulfill his every whim.”

Swann adds that Galvez broke off the relationship but that Garcia continued to pursue her.

Swann also raises allegations that Garcia operated a hostile work environment and that he irresponsibly handled state funds, placing as much as $350,000 without accounting in an unlocked filing cabinet.

Attempts by to contact Armando Garcia through the California State Athletic Commission were unsuccessful.

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