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TUF: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir Episode 9 Recap

The show opens with a recap of last week’s fight between Phillipe Nover and Dave Kaplan and specifically how terrible Kaplan’s gameplan was. One of Kaplan’s teammates comments that taking three or four unanswered shots from Phillipe was probably not the smartest thing to do.

After the recap the attention turns to Krzysztof Soszynski, who will be taking on Kyle Kingsbury in the only remaining light heavyweight bout. Soszynski has been nursing a thumb injury and he believes it may be fractured. A trainer works on his thumb and Frank Mir brings in a boxing coach to help Soszynski properly wrap the hand and work on his thumb.

Back at the house, Dave Kaplan and Tom Lawlor begin to do some heavy drinking after Kaplan’s loss and things start to get a little crazy. Not Junie Browning crazy, mind you, but crazy enough so that even Junie says he doesn’t mind because it takes the attention off of him. Kaplan goes on and on and on about how he’s never been knocked out and is calling out all of the lightweights in the house. Eventually he and Lawlor end up in a room and Kaplan is begging for Lawlor to hit him on the jaw. Lawlor tries to get Kaplan to come to his senses but Kaplan is beyond gone and Lawlor finally agrees to clock him. And when he does clock him, Kaplan goes down like a sack of bricks. Knocked out cold.

Kaplan acknowledges that it was a good punch and that his jaw hurts but will not acknowledge that he was, indeed, knocked out cold. He was basically snoring as soon as Lawlor hit him. Kaplan says that the punch knocked him down but not out. Sure, Dave, sure.

The next day while Team Mir is in a training session, Team Nogueira decides to prank Soszynski by turning his room into the “UFC Storage Room” and they move everything that can be moved into Soszynski’s room. Couches, plants, bottles of water, furniture, liquor, you name it. It was all there.

At the Team Mir training session Dan Henderson drops by to help train Soszynski for the upcoming fight. Henderson speaks highly of Soszynski as Soszynski is one of his prime pupils at Team Quest. He says that the thumb won’t be an issue, that Krzysztof has fought through worse, and that he has the potential to win the whole deal.

When Soszynski gets back to the house he congratulates Team Nogueira on a prank well played after finding anything and everything in his room. Shane Nelson and Junie Browning take a look at the mess and decide that they will not be helping Soszynski move all of the crap out of his room. How nice of them.

As usual every season, it’s time for the coaches’ challenge and this year’s sport happens to be soccer. Nogueira says that even though he’s from Brazil that he has never played soccer and that he sucks at it. Mir says that the deck is being stacked against him because soccer is Brazil’s national sport and he’s facing a Brazilian. As usual, winning coach receives $10,000 cash and each team member wins $1,000 cash. One coach will play goalie while the other shoots penalty shots and vice versa.

From the outset Nogueira is killing Mir, scoring almost every time he kicks a penalty shot and blocking almost all of Mir’s kicks. When it comes down to it, Nogueira shows hustle while Mir is refusing to go out of his way to stop a kick. Nogueira is diving for balls and Mir wouldn’t dive for one if his life depended on it. Add that to the fact that Kyle Kingsbury is screaming “GOOOOOOAL” in Mir’s ear everytime Nogueira scores and we have a recipe for one salty Frank Mir. A Frank Mir who calls Nogueira’s team losers and says that Nogueira isn’t anywhere near the athlete he is. We’ve been wondering where that Frank Mir smugness has been all season and it’s finally rearing its ugly head. When all is said and done, Nogueira beats Mir, takes home the cash for his team and they all celebrate by playing some water basketball in the pool.

Shortly thereafter it’s weigh in time. Both fighters make weight and it’s fightin’ time..

Krzysztof Soszynski (Team Mir) vs. Kyle Kingsbury (Team Nogueira)

Round 1

Both fighters come out firing some shots with Soszynski landing the better strikes. The two trade strikes for awhile and Soszynski eventually lands a big jab that makes Kyle clinch and take Soszynski into the cage. From there the two fighters jockey for position, throwing knees. A couple of Kingsbury’s knees land low and Herb Dean separates them and gives Kingsbury a warning then restarts them in the middle. Soszynski landing some good strikes and forces Kingsbury into the cage. Kingsbury takes him down from there and winds up in Soszynski’s guard. Soszynski work’s a high guard and slaps on an armbar which Kyle has zero defense for. He sinks it in deep and makes Kyle tap near the end of the round.

Winner: Krzysztof Soszynski via submission (armbar)

Next week we’ll have our final lightweight matchup with John Polakowski taking on George Roop to try to even things up for Team Nogueira. Keep it tuned to Five Ounces of Pain for all your TUF 8 needs!

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