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Adam Morgan’s Sprawl ‘N Brawl (MMA News Roundup)

It’s time once again to round ‘em up here on Five Ounces of Pain with a brand new edition of the Sprawl ‘N Brawl. We’ll talk UFC 91, Affliction and Showtime working together, Denis Kang taking on Alan Belcher, and more. Come join the fun and let’s do the damn thing..

MMA agents taking a stand against ProElite and EliteXC

Thank goodness someone is standing up for these fighters that are having their lives and their careers toyed with. As if ProElite and EliteXC didn’t do enough to tarnish the sport and their company name during their limited time in the MMA scene, do they have to try to drag the fighters down with them?  Can you imagine if this was the NFL or the NBA? The Players’ Association would never let something like this happen. Fighters unfortunately don’t have that luxury at the current moment so it’s comforting to know that the agents are taking up for their clients. After all, it’s what they’re supposed to do.

Affliction and Showtime working together?

This has to be viewed as a good move for Affliction but how big is it, really? Will it open up a door for Affliction to eventually get the CBS deal that they’ve been rumored to be seeking? It’s certainly a step in the right direction. But before any of that happens they need to prove to everyone that they’re not just another flash in the pan MMA organization. They have to prove to everyone that they are not the next EliteXC and that’s a tall task especially given the lack of depth on Affliction’s roster and inconsistency of their shows. It’s a step in the right direction, for sure, but they still have a very, very long ways to go.

Denis Kang vs. Alan Belcher at UFC 93

Good matchmaking here. Belcher’s not a can by any means, but he is someone that Kang should, and I emphasize should, beat. Kang is the better athlete, the more explosive fighter, and he has the better overall game. Belcher possesses strong striking but can be overwhelmed by aggressive fighters. Overall it’s a good fight to get Kang some exposure and also give him some legitimacy in his first fight in the UFC. And if he loses, well, then Denis Kang proves to us what some have been saying for awhile now: that he’s overrated. It’s a no-win fight for Kang but they couldn’t afford to throw him a tomato can the first time out. In the UFC it’s sink or swim and the guys who have been fighting in Japan have routinely been getting these sort of matchups so it’s not surprising to see Kang in a fight like this right out of the gates.

Fabricio Werdum cut from the UFC…or is he?

It’s unfortunate that a great fighter such as Werdum has been treated like this but business is business I guess. Werdum, coming off the loss to dos Santos, allegedly was unable to renegotiate his contract with the UFC so they bid him farewell. Losing a true, legitimate top 10 heavyweight, especially in one of the UFC’s thinner divisions is unfortunate. But is it true? According to the Brazilian fighter in a recent article at Tatame, the fighter’s camp hasn’t had any contact with the UFC. Either way, Werdum is a good talent and it would be nice to see him stay but he’s also not the most exciting fighter in the entire world either and besides laying claim to having another top ten heavyweight on your roster, it’s not a crushing blow to the company’s depth.

Tito Ortiz is close to signing a contract…again

Okay, Tito we know you haven’t been in the spotlight in the while and every month or so you have to tell the media that you’re “close to signing a contract.” We get it. You’re about as close to signing a cotnract as I am close to sleeping with Rachelle Leah. I highly doubt that Ortiz signs anywhere before 2009.

Armando Garcia steps down as CSAC executive director

Thank the lord. His reign as commissioner was just atrocious, as Sam Caplan outlined in his Top Ten follies during his time with the CSAC. The list is almost endless in regards to the terrible decisions he’s made, none being worse than the suspension of Brian Ebersole and Shannon Ritch after the cartwheel guard pass episode, claiming that the two were involved in a work. Not only did it show a complete lack of knowledge in regards to the sport but also a complete lack of respect. There’s too many things to say about Garcia, none of them positive. He will absolutely not be missed. Maybe the UFC won’t be scared to run shows there now?

Final word on Couture vs. Lesnar

UFC 91 is almost upon us along with Randy Couture’s much anticipated return to the cage against Brock Lesnar. In my honest opinion, Couture wins this fight. There are lots of variables and lots of unknowns. But I do know one thing and that’s when the odds are stacked against Randy he usually finds a way to come out on top. He’s done it his whole career. Lesnar is bigger, stronger, more athletic, and quicker than Couture. On paper he should make short work of Lesnar. But they don’t fight on paper and what Randy Couture lacks in regards to these tangible aspects of the fight, he more than makes up for in regards to intangibles. His gameplanning, his mentality, and his MMA instincts are what will win this fight for Couture.

I don’t know how it ends. I don’t know what round it ends. I do know that if it goes into rounds four and five that the advantage swings heavily in Randy’s direction. It may be a hell of a fight. It may be a bust. But either way, Randy Couture wins this fight. Lesnar is too inexperienced to take out a legend like Couture at this point in his career.

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