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WWE’s Jim Ross picks Brock Lesnar to win at UFC 91

In a new blog entry, World Wrestling Entertainment play-by-play announcer Jim Ross offered his pick for tonight’s much anticipated matchup between UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture and former WWE heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. And it’s no surprise that Ross is picking his former colleague to walk away with the victory at UFC 91.

“If Lesnar can have success early, gain some confidence and relax to the degree that he’s not psyching himself out I still see Lesnar winning,” writes Ross. “If Lesnar can relax, weather the storm the first couple of rounds that Brock has the better chance of winning.”

In the past, Ross has worked in the WWE’s front office as a Vice President of Talent Relations. While serving in that role, he was credited as the man responsible for getting Lesnar to come to pro wrestling soon after he became the NCAA heavyweight champion in 2002.

While Ross is picking Lesnar to win, he still isn’t going overboard in spite of their past affiliation.

“I’m not overly sold on my prediction and if I were in Vegas Saturday night I would not bet a dime as it really is too close to call and too unpredictable to figure out, at least for me it is,” the veteran broadcaster added.

In addition to making a prediction in the blog entry, Ross also commented on the UFC’s prediction that UFC 91 could accumulate as many as 1.2 million buys.

“UFC officials are predicting north of (one million) PPV buys but I don’t see it,” states Ross. “The American economy is deplorable, the event isn’t sold out, and with PPV buys being discretionary purchases I would suggest that if UFC 91 gets 500,000-750,000 buys it should be considered a major success. Anyone who argues that the economy won’t affect the number of buys is fooling one’s self.”

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