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UFC 91: Results And Recap

The UFC has a new heavyweight champion and he is former WWE superstar Brock Lesnar, a man who has only four professional MMA fights during his career.

Lesnar was able to defeat Randy Couture on Saturday night via TKO in the second round.  A right hand in the second round that landed square on the side of Randy Couture’s head that put the UFC Hall of Famer down on the mat. Lesnar took advantage of the opportunity and pounced on Couture as he went down, landing a rapid series of hammer fists that forced referee Mario Yamazaki to stop the fight just over midway through the second round.

Up until the right hand, the fight was competitive with Randy Couture landing some good shots in the standup game and even cut him, something that’s never happened to Lesnar in a fight before. Randy was also forcing Lesnar to fight off the cage much like the gameplan he employed against a bigger opponent in Gabriel Gonzaga. Even when Lesnar was able to get Couture to the mat, Couture was able to work his way back to his feet. The 45 year-old champion was a game opponent but in the end it turned out to be the size and the strength of Lesnar that put the champion down.

“Those are some big ass hamhocks comin’ at you, it hard to get out of the way of those,” Couture said to Joe Rogan during the post fight interview. When asked how he felt about the size difference, Couture stated that he felt comfortable with it coming in but that Lesnar was just enormous. “He’s a big sumbitch, that’s just all there is to it, ” Couture remarked to Rogan after the fight.

Brock Lesnar’s record goes to 3-1 and sometime next year he will fight the winner of  Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira which takes place at UFC 92 this December.

In the co-main event of the evening, Kenny Florian made short work of Joe Stevenson, submitting him via rear naked choke in the first round. The fight never seemed in question for Florian even when Stevenson was able to take him down early. Florian was able to get back to his feet, clinch with Stevenson and take him down. From there Florian quickly worked to mount, take Stevenson’s back, and sink in a rear naked choke as Stevenson tried to get back to his feet.

Florian earned himself a guaranteed shot at the lightweight title with the victory and called out the current champion, B.J. Penn, in the post fight interview. Florian said that he respects Penn as a master of the game but now it’s time to “kill the master,” as Florian put it.

In other action on the card, Dustin Hazelett continued to look impressive at 170 lbs. by defeating Tamdan McCrory via reverse armbar in the first round. McCrory looked good out of the gates, landing a nice combination against Hazelett and putting him on his back with a takedown. Hazelett’s guard game proved to be too dangerous for McCrory, however, and the Kentucky native was able to work for an omoplata and turned it into a reverse armbar, most likely earning himself Submission of the Night.

Gabriel Gonzaga made very short work of Josh Hendricks, landing a straight right hand that dropped Hendricks to the mat early in the first round. Gonzaga pounced on Hendricks to end the fight, hitting him twice more before the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

In the opening bout on the main card, Demia Maia continued to look like a force at middleweight, taking Nate Quarry to the mat early in the fight as a result of some really great work in the whizzer position. Maia was able to pass Quarry’s guard and move easily into the mount. From there he took Quarry’s back and it was only a matter of time until he sank in a rear naked choke to force Quarry to tap.

Below are the full results from tonight’s card:


Matt Brown def. Ryan Thomas via submission– 0:57, Round 2
Mark Bocek def. Alvin Robinson via submission — 3:16, Round 3
Jeremy Stephens def. Rafael dos Anjos via TKO –:39, Round 3
Aaron Riley def. Jorge Gurgel via unanimous decision


Demian Maia def. Nate Quarry via submission– 2:13, Round 1
Gabriel Gonzaga def. Josh Hendricks via TKO–1:01, Round 1
Dustin Hazelett def. Tamdan McCrory via submission 3:59, Round 1
Kenny Florian def. Joe Stevenson via submission 4:03 Round 1
Brock Lesnar def. Randy Couture via TKO 3:07 Round 2

  • damon says:

    brock’s a beast, those frying pans will KO all comers!!!!
    That was sick, until they create an superweight div., Brock might be too good if he learns how to block take downs…FRYING PAN FIST A NEW SUBMIT!!!

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  • craw pop says:

    Brock will be the favorite against either one, and if Nog wins I plan on winning alot of money of Nog beating Brock

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  • damon says:

    Nog will sub Brock, I don’t think Mir could do it again. Mir would get pounded, Nog will be smartenough to jab and than shoot for the submit. Brock’s a beast I hope Carwin’s ready…WAR SUPERHEAVY!!!

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  • Patrick says:


    God that was a solid card, great fights. My heart was pulling for Randy… but my head kinda knew.

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  • Robert says:

    Excellent event I’m really a little surprised how some people are pointing out now how old Couture looked, he IS old. When a guy takes off over a year at that age you can’t really gauge how much he has lost skill wise till you see him compete again.Granted Randy would still beat a majority of Heavyweight fighters he’s not the same guy who beat up Gabe Gonzaga over a year ago.Nice card Hazelett’s ju-jitsu is awesome and he’s only 22,also another win or 2 and Gonzaga might be facing Lesnar.

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  • matthew says:

    And only one went to decision? Rare event. Good for the fans.

    As i had my doubts about any of the non main event fights, I congratulate the fighters for making this card great.

    As an aside, please drop Jorge Gurgel from the UFC roster. He’s had enough opportunities to shine and never really has. If Werdum, Lambert etc are having contracts questioned, reduced or dropped, surely Gurgel needs to join the group.

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  • Rich S. says:

    I’ve always hated Gonzaga.. with a passion.. simply for his bout w/ Kevin Jordan..
    I mean,
    that was all i needed to hate this man..

    after 2 consecutive 1 minute victories.. i’m really starting to like him..

    Although his striking is what finished the fight, i thought it looked kind of sluggish/slow…
    I just think if he was fighting Shane Carwin or something he would’ve gotten KO’d..

    either way,
    job well done..

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  • Rich S. says:

    oh and what was up w/ Daddy??

    I think he beats Kenflo 8 times out of 10..

    something was wrong tonight..
    he was off..

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  • dpk says:

    on MMA Live’s post fight coverage, Stephen Bonner just called for Gonzaga and Carwin to fight to be the number 1 contender to fight the Lesnar v nog/mir winner. I agree, and think that Gonzaga v Carwin really needs to happen.

    Maia v Bisping would be a very interesting fight for the number 1 contender
    Florian took out Joe Daddy faster than BJ, so now UFC can get BJ focused to go back and clean out a legit challenger after he is done fighting GSP

    BTW – the on site post fight coverage on was a great step, I hope that it continues after all of the major UFC cards. I also made a comment earlier that Randy might now leave UFC to try and fight Fedor, but after hearing Dana White’s comments, I think Randy will be around for at least one more fight. Maybe against the Nog/Mir loser, or maybe vs. Anderson Silva at 205.

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  • JOe K. says:

    I complained all week about the UFC not showing enough fights and wasting time with hype. I was pleasantly proven wrong.

    They showed every fight. It really looked like they made an effort to get as many fights in as possible.

    I don’t mind if all the main cards fights goto decision and they don’t show all of the fights just as long as they make their best attempt to get as many fights as possible in.

    I hope the WEC follows suit and does this for their next event.

    Top to bottom this was the best card of fights I have seen in one event, the only one I can think of that was this consistently entertaining was UFC 73.

    The ESPN coverage was great and needs to be a regular thing… on air!!!!

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  • THORAZINE says:

    posting comments too quickly?? WTF?

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  • mike wolfe says:

    If Hazelett keeps the beard, he needs a suitable nickname like “Hillbilly from Hell” or just “Hellbilly.”

    Great fights, and a better ppv than I thought it would be.

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  • THORAZINE says:

    That punch Lesnar threw to knock down Couture reminded me a lot of that 1st punch Matt Serra grazed the back of GSP’s head before Serra capitalized on a seris of punches to end their 1st fight.

    Couture was doing pretty good but what shocked me about the fight was Couture’s physique’ he looked smooth and a bit smaller than he did 1 1/2 yrs ago. Lesnar was right when he said Couture looked like a guy that took a year off. However, I don’t think the lay off is necessarily the case, it’s physiology and changes Couture is going through at his age, his body is producing more estrogen and even less testostrone.. it looked like age is finally catching up to him.

    The Couture that fought Gonzaga looked like the best Couture I’ve ever seen and we won’t see that type of performance from Couture again. Time to let the younger lions rule the cage.

    Also, FEDOR would definitely beat Lesnar… Goldie comentating..

    Goldie: “Are you kidding me”!!

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  • Army Guy says:

    I think the “Randy is too old” bit is premature. He got caught with a monster punch in the temple. Let’s not forget that Chuck caught him twice. Randy came back and had some monster wins. I’m not saying age isn’t a factor, but I thought he was wearing Brock down – Lesnar was slowing and Couture was coming at him.

    The problem seemed to be less about Couture’s conditioning or skill and more about the fact that when a dude is 265 pounds of crazy athletic muscle, you really can’t afford to get hit.

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  • darkmetal says:

    Even if Lesnar beat Fedor we would hear the whining “He only won because he is big”.
    Sam Caplan makes a valid point in that we might never see Fedor fight in the UFC, as his management seems very happy having him fight nobodies and losers like Tim Sylvia. Does anyone think that Sylvia would have made it 1 round with Brock Lesnar?
    Until Fedor steps up and decides to face competition he is simply a mute point.

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  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Couture still has a few interesting fights left in the UFC even if they’re not title fights.
    At the very least he might be the heavyweight gatekeeper for awhile.

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  • mat says:

    Im very dissapointed in the ufc.Brock did not even disserve to get that fight.there are a lot of other fighters that should have gotten it long before him.I feel it made the ufc look bad by bringing a nobody in and giving him the chance to be champion.He wont stay champ for long.not to take anything away from couture but i think everybody knew he wasnt going to stay champ for long.He has a lot of losses.Lesnar may win a couple more fights but there a lot of people that will beat him down.Hes a newb and has a lot learn.

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  • balzac says:

    I actually hope Fedor never fights in the UFC. Keep some quality competition for the UFC, so they have to put together shows like they did last night. Also, After once again watching the grind ‘em against the cage stategies, I hope we continue to see matches in a ring………

    I would like see if someone can keep a list of all the descriptives used about Lesnar fists…..yesterday we had Lunchbox, and hamhock………

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  • iwebie says:

    UFC 91 is a mixed martial arts event to be held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on November 15, 2008 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more on UFC 91 Results check out (link deleted)

    Editor’s Note: Link was deleted. Folks, please be respectful and only use these threads to express your views, not as a forum to self-promote. We don’t go to your site and spam it, so please show us the same courtesy.

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  • Newport says:

    There’s nothing wrong with Randy Couture, he’s still one of the best fighters in the world. He just fought a gigantic man bear last night. Brock is just too big and strong for someone to outwrestle. When Brock loses his belt, it won’t be because he fought a better wrestler, he’ll lose to a black belt level grappler or a great striker. It was just a terrible match up for Randy

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  • Jackyl says:

    Excellent card. I’m really happy we got to see every fight on the card. For a card that was considered weak by some it really shined. This is one of those cards that, other than the main event, did not have a huge amount of name recognition. But sometimes the more obscure cards give us the best fights. Couple that with the production team throwing every fight in and you have a happy customer in myself. As far as the results. Demian Maia contiunes to impress. Kenny Florian keeps getting better. Nice job calling out BJ Penn! Dustin Hazelett is becoming my new favorite fighter. Gabe Gonzaga shot himself right back in the heavyweight mix. I was impressed with Randy Couture’s game plan. I think he gave Lesnar a great fight. Lesnar just landed a perfect shot. Right on the side of the head, had him totally disoriented. Good job by Lesnar to not get too excited and get the finish. My last comment goes to the people that say Lesnar did not deserve this fight: He absolutely deserved it. He deserved it because it was an extremely marketable fight that he had a good chance to win. Experience aside, you have to look at his size and athleticism. Now that he has the title I think it will be hard to take it away. Nog has the best chance but Lesnar is defenitely going to be prepared to defend his title. With Nog and Mir being tied up with their fight, who else would Randy fight in his return. It was the best fight the UFC could give us. It also turned out to be a great fight. On top of that, not only a great fight but a great card. Great job UFC!

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  • Rich S. says:

    i don’t think we’ll ever see Randy reduced to a gatekeeper..

    the way i see it right now.. if you aren’t Brock Lesnar or MInotauro Nogueira you can’t beat Randy Couture..

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  • aaron says:


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  • Robert says:

    aaron “Brock will be champ for awhile” is a bit premature if he fights Nogueira which i think he will taking him down could be his downfall because if Mir can submit him Nogueira certainly will. Brock I’m sure when he took Randy down and started pounding away the first time wasn’t concerned at all with getting submitted, and if Brock has shown a big weakness thus far it’s a lack of submission defense.

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