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TUF: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir Episode 10 Recap

The episode opens with a recap of last week’s fight where Krzysztof Soszynski finished Kyle Kingsbury with an armbar in the first round. Most of the fighters question why Kingsbury took the fight to the ground including Ryan Bader, one of his teammates.

Junie Browning was not impressed with Soszynski’s jiu jitsu, saying that even his sister could put Kyle Kingsbury in an armbar.

This week’s fight will match the two remaining lightweights together in John Polakowski from Team Nogueira and George Roop from Team Mir. Polakowski is identified as a guy that you can’t help but like. Eliot Marshall labels him a “hugger” and his teammate Shane thinks Polakowski might be genuinely insane. Polakowski is shown giving hugs to everyone in the house and says that no one gives good hugs anymore. Polakowski shows all the guys in the house what a “real hug” is.

Phillipe Nover draws Polakowski a poster with firing cannons on it with the slogan “Fire The Cannons Of Madness” written in big letters. Polakowski feels that the picture will bring some good energy to the house.

Roop, meanwhile, says that even though Polakowski is a great guy and easy to like that he has nothing but bad intentions for the hug happy fighter. Unfortunately during a training session, Roop gets his thumb caught in the cage and hyperextends it at the knuckle. His hand swells up pretty bad and he can’t even make a fist, putting his fight in jeopardy.

Back at the house, Polakowski wakes up to eat his breakfast and his Lucky Charms have been tampered with. Someone’s stolen all the marshmallows out of the box and Polakowski is pissed. All of the fighters remark that it’s so weird to see Polakowski angry because he’s such a nice guy all the time. John says several times that he’s been nothing but nice to the Blue Team and has never retaliated to any of their pranks. He’s so angry, in fact, that he won’t even accept a hug from Eliot Marshall. Shane Nelson says that his Lucky Charms must really be “magically delicious” for him to get so angry.

During a Team Mir training session George Roop is obviously having issues with his hand. It’s making it hard for him to punch, clinch, and throw elbows. He’s icing it at all times but the swelling is considerable. Mir says that no fighter he’s ever known goes into a fight 100% and that it’s just something everyone has to deal with.

The fighters weigh in and Nogueira says that due to Roop’s hand that John will have an advantage. He also says that he admires Roop’s fighting ability and his heart, however. Mir believes that it’s an easy fight for Roop but that the hand presents a problem. Vinny wants Roop to break Polakowski’s arm so he can’t hug any of the cast members anymore.

And before you know it, it’s fightin’ time.

George Roop (Team Mir) vs. John Polakowski (Team Nogueira)

Round 1

As the fight opens, both fighters go to the middle of the cage, tap gloves and…hug. And now the fighting can begin. Roop controls the fight from the outset, using some well placed kicks to set the tone and do some damage in the beginning. Polakowski tries to close the distance on Roop but is unable to do so, missing with most of his punches. George is able to secure a takedown after John overcommits. Roop lands some nice ground and pound and some elbows and eventually passes to side control during a scramble. From there he lands more punches but Polakowski is able to regain guard. Polakowski rolls and Roop is able to take his back and put his hooks in but Polakowski is able to turn into him and ride out the rest of the round in Roop’s guard doing some damage with ground and pound while Roop tries to throw up submissions. Close round for sure.

Round 2

Polakowski comes out firing and closes the distance on Roop quickly, landing some big shots that stun Roop. Roop recovers nicely, however, and is able to eventually land a takedown. John tries to roll out and Roop once again takes his back, this time locking on a body triangle and keeping Polakowski there while he tries to work a rear naked choke. John defends well and Roop lands some glancing punches and elbows but neither fighter gains an advantage. The round ends this way with Roop looking for the choke and Polakowski defending.

The fight looks to be going to a third round but it is indeed over. All the judges score the bout 20-18 in favor of the winner, George Roop.

Dana White and Nogueira are upset with the decision, White in particular. He says it’s BS that these guys fight their hearts out and then some judges make a terrible decision by not letting them fight a third round. Polakowski says it’s his fault that he let the fight go to the judges and can’t be pissed about the decision.

Back at the house the teams celebrate with some alcohol and Soszynski starts throwing food at the the guys in the hot tub from the balcony. Junie gets hit in the face with a porkchop and is none too pleased about it, almost going on another Junie rampage. The only thing that gets broken is a door, however, and cooler heads prevail.

As usual, the coaches and the fighters talk their semifinal matchups over with Dana White and they are decided. The semifinal matchups will be as follows:


  • Phillipe Nover (Team Nogueira) vs. George Roop (Team Mir)
  • Efrain Escudero (Team Nogueira) vs. Junie Browning (Team Mir)

Light Heavyweight:

  • Krzyzstof Soszynksi (Team Mir) vs. Vinny Magalhaes (Team Mir)
  • Ryan Bader (Team Nogueira) vs. Eliot Marshall (Team Mir)

Stay tuned next week for two fights as Philippe will take on Roop and Bader will take on Marshall.

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