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Report: Jon Fitch, Christian Wellisch cut by the UFC

MMA Mania is reporting that UFC welterweight and former number one contender Jon Fitch has been cut by the UFC. According to the report, when Fitch turned in his signed bout agreement today to fight Akihiro Gono at UFC 94 he was asked to sign an agreement that would give the organization exclusive lifetime rights to Fitch’s likeness and his name in regards to video games.

The report states that Fitch and his camp did not sign the papers and when his management tried to negotiate something with the UFC it became an all or nothing deal. In the end Fitch didn’t sign the agreement and was cut from the company shortly thereafter.

Christian Wellisch was also presented with the same agreement, refused to sign it, and was also cut, according to the report.

Fitch most recently lost in a five round war to UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre at UFC 87 in August and was set to take on Gono at UFC 94, a fight that was supposed to take place several months back. It now appears that not only is that fight off but that, for the time being, Fitch’s career inside the Octagon has come to an end.

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