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Alistair Overeem: “I do see myself defeating Brock Lesnar”

Alistair Overeem has reinvented himself since making the move up to the heavyweight division. The Dutch fighter has gone undefeated in his last five fights while obtaining the Strikeforce heavyweight championship along the way. Big wins over big names have turned many heads and have many mentioning Overeem’s name when discussing the sports top heavyweights, as both UFC veteran Paul Buentello and former PRIDE veteran Mark Hunt have both fallen victim to “The Demolition Man” in recent outings.

Overeem’s most impressive performance of late came against the always dangerous Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic at DREAM 6. Unfortunately it was a performance that was taken away to some extent due to the bouts no contest ruling. Overeem dominated Cro Cop and cut him while utilizing brutal ground and pound before landing a couple questionable knees in the clinch that caused the Croatian to decide he was no longer able to continue.

The Strikeforce champion feels like Cro Cop was looking for a way out and confirmed in an exclusive interview with that he will have a chance to set the record straight when the two meet again at the K-1 Dynamite New Year’s Eve event.

Overeem is not the kind of fighter that is content with fighting two or three times a year. He has found a renewed hunger to compete and has fought four times in just the last five months. Since his controversial contest with Cro Cop, the Golden Glory-trained fighter returned to action on November ninth to face off with the power punching Gary Goodridge at Shooto Holland: Ultimate Glory 10 in Arnhem, Netherlands.

“I expected a hard battle as I think Gary is a hard puncher with a lot of experience,” said Overeem.

Overeem was able to utilize his superior clinch work to do some serious damage to Goodridge before taking him to the ground, obtaining side control and securing the Kimura victory early in the first round.

“My opening attack caught him by surprise,” he explained.

Wasting no time in looking for a future opponent, Overeem confirmed with who he will be facing next.

“I’m expecting to fight Mirko at the new years event,” said the powerful Dutchman.

In the pairs previous meeting Overeem managed to take the Croatian to the canvas with relative ease. While in the top position, Overeem was able to dish out plenty of damage in the form of short punches and hammerfists that caused a nasty cut above Cro Cop’s eye.

“The game plan was to take Mirco apart,” said Overeem.”One piece at a time.”

Cro Cop looked to be nearing the end in his bout with Overeem before he was struck with a questionably low knee that caused him to feel as if he could not continue. Overeem feels as if he was denied the finish victory that he had coming to him.

“I’m 100% sure I would have finished him if the fight wasn’t called off,” said Overeem. “I think he knew he was losing and took the easy way out.”

When asked whether or not he will be looking to win decisively this time around Overeem was straight and to the point.

“I always look to finish my opponent,” said the 28-year old.

While most of the MMA world had there eyes glued to the TV screen when Randy Couture was recently dethroned by former WWE powerhouse Brock Lesnar, Overeem was no exception.

“It was a good performance but I see some weak spots in Brock’s game plan,” said Overeem. “Although I think he is a very interesting opponent, I’m looking forward to see more of Brock’s fights and seeing him develop more.”

While we were on the subject of Lesnar, I just had to ask Overeem if he would be interested in facing the new UFC champion at some point down the road. I got a very straight forward answer.

“Yes, and I do see myself defeating Brock Lesnar,” said Overeem.

When most mixed martial arts fans think about Overeem and his recent accomplishments he has made in the sports heavyweight division they wonder when he will finally be making the move over to the UFC. So I had to ask him if that was a move that he would welcome at some point.

“Yes,” said Overeem. “Although I am very happy with my current contracts with Dream and Strikeforce.”<

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