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Chuck Liddell says no one has approached him about fights with Couture or Silva

Over the past couple of weeks, several reports have pointed to a potential fourth encounter between Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell in Germany in the summer of 2009.

Other reports surfaced shortly thereafter and claimed that neither Liddell or Couture were pleased with the prospect of fighting one another for a fourth time. Additionally, there have also been rumors of a possible superfight with Anderson Silva to take place in early 2009

Now, according to an interview with the UK-based Fighters Only, Liddell claims that no one has even talked to him about the prospect of fighting Silva or Couture.

“Nobody’s talked to me at all about Randy or Anderson Silva in any recent talks,” Liddell told the British publication. “I know there was something about me fighting (Silva) in February, that’s definitely not true. I’m not fighting until March or April. The rumor about me and Randy in June, no one’s said a word to me, and I don’t want to wait until June to fight. So we’ll wait to see what happens and I’m gonna talk to Dana (White) about that. I haven’t heard anything about it. I don’t know where it came from or who was talking about it, but to me at this point it doesn’t make sense.”

It’s unclear as to who Liddell will fight in the coming year as there are only a few options. A potential rematch against the winner of Wanderlei Silva vs. Quinton Jackson fight is always a possibility. Liddell’s fight against Silva was one of the best fights of 2007 and a rematch would likely produce fireworks again. A rematch with Jackson would allow Liddell a final chance at redemption against the man who took his title from him as Jackson has beaten him twice before.

  • marc in bc says:

    I think a fight with the loser of Rampage/Silva would be “fairer” to other fighters in the division, especially the ones who have been winning fights.

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  • Sean says:

    Franklin, Shogun, Henderson…there are a lot of great fightas out there in the 205 div. without recycling fights that won’t have any real effect on the rankings

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  • tyler says:

    Chuck Liddell probably wants Dana to make a call to Vernon”Tiger’White.

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  • Anton K says:

    Chuck fights Forrest in March/April if Forrest loses to Rashad… Big, big fight.

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  • benjamink says:

    chuck does not deserve another title shot.
    the only possible rematch I want to see him n is with wandy.

    put him up against the loser of franklin hendo.

    the loser of that to matt hamil.

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  • allen says:

    i thank chuck should fight keith jarddine

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  • Robert says:

    I think Chuck should fight some more like Thiago Silva. That would be a nice fight.

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