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Report: Roger Huerta signs new five fight contract with UFC

Back in August, Roger Huerta revealed to FIGHT! Magazine that he was unhappy with his current situation in the UFC. Among other things, Huerta was particularly unhappy about the pay that was offered to him and the fact that his pre-fight interviews for UFC 87 were cut into pieces that made people think Huerta was calling his fight against Kenny Florian a “cake walk.” Huerta even went on to say in the piece that he didn’t care whether or not he fought for the UFC or in another promotion.

It would appear as though Roger Huerta’s issues with the UFC have been resolved and are a thing of the past as news breaks today that he has signed a new five-fight deal with the promotion. MMA Weekly was the first to report the news, indicating that sources close to Huerta have confirmed the new deal.

Prior to the new contract, Huerta and his camp had been rumored as far apart from the UFC on coming to a deal. Huerta reportedly wanted a guaranteed six figure payday every time he fights as well as PPV bonuses, a better deal than even lightweight champion B.J. Penn currently has.

Huerta was unbeaten inside the Octagon going into his fight with Florian at UFC 87, a bout which he lost via unanimous decision. According to the report, the marketable star from Mexico is set to fight again in March but no opponent has yet been named.

  • jj says:

    thats a little surprising. i guess he’s important the ufc’s plan in mexico.

    i’ll be interested to see what his next paycheck is when its announced. i figured the ufc was going to make an example out of him like everyone else they’ve been throwing under the bus lately.

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  • ZP580 says:

    It sounds like BJ Penn’s camp needs to work and BJ Penn more money cuz he should def be getting six figures and plus PPV bonuses. Good move by the UFC keepin Huerta though. He’s an exciting fighter and hes young.

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  • ttt says:

    Its not like a contract matters they can still drop him if they choose to.

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  • Grappo says:

    everybody counting everybody else’s money.

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  • DamonO says:

    This is great news as I am a huge fan of his. Huerta vs. Sanchez anyone?

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  • Stan the Caddy says:

    Glad to see Huerta re-sign. I enjoy watching him fight. No doubt the UFC forked over a hefty signing bonus for getting him back on board.

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  • E.H. says:

    I wonder if Bellator showed interest in signing Huerta… He could have been a big name to add to their roster.

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  • EJ says:

    I doubt it Huera after losing to Florian pretty much lost any pull he had with the company, looks to me like he finally stopped reading his press and realised that without the UFC he is a nobody.

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  • dpk says:

    I think Huerta looked at the market out there, and saw that he had been way over valuing himself. This is the best move for him. The loss to Florian, and EliteXC’s issues really had to hurt negotiations.

    Huerta v Sanchez would be awesome but Sanchez would win convincingly. I would expect to see him in with guys like Maynard, Diaz, and maybe Jim Miller (if he beats Wiman) over his next few fights.

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  • truth says:

    With good looks,charisma, talent and the ability to spearhead into Mexico more than anyother fighter you don’t tend to “lose pull”. I bet Roger is getting paid pretty well, the numbers will be interesting.

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  • Jay K. says:

    The comment about Bellator makes the most sense here. As Huerta is a winner and an upstanding professional who could easily add credibility to Bellator, were he to leave or not come to terms with the UFC he’d still walk away with a better contract than most guys.

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  • DamonO says:

    EJ, the loss to Florian was a decision loss. He didn’t get KO’d or submitted. It was a decision. Remember Florian finishes fights. He didn’t finish that one. I bet Roger gets paid pretty well now. We’ll see once they release the amounts paid after his next fight.

    Also, did anyone see Johnny Rees has the same tattoo as Huerta? Rees’ tattoo is filled in a little differently but it’s the same exact design.

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