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Five Ounces of Pain on CBS Sports: UFC 92 will not only offer a new Rampage, but an improved one

While many believe that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson isn’t ready to return to action this Saturday at UFC 92 following his summer arrest, there’s reason to believe that Jackson might not only be ready to fight, but that he could avenge his two previous losses to Wanderlei Silva.

In Sam Caplan’s latest column for, he writes that Jackson’s title loss to UFC 86 against Forrest Griffin has made him a better fighter.

One of the biggest changes made by Jackson was a decision to fire Juanito Ibarra as his trainer and manager in favor of joining the Wolfslair Academy in England on a more formal basis.

“The change of scenery and philosophy is apparently exactly what Jackson needed,” Caplan writes. “And while a fighter typically says he’s made changes coming off a loss and that he’s a different fighter, it might truly be the case this time. Gone are the days of training in the Los Angeles area for Jackson and the temptations that came with it.

“Jackson was candid in saying that it was hard for him at times to get himself motivated to train during his L.A.-based camps. At other times when he was motivated, it wasn’t uncommon to have to suffer through lackluster sparring sessions in which his training partners were trying to fight through a heavy night of partying.”

In addition to his training habits, Jackson revealed during a UFC 92 conference call last week that he’s made changes to his eating habits. In fact, for the first time in his career, he has begun to work with a nutritionist.

“I am a professional fighter and a professional athlete,” Jackson is quoted as saying in the article. “I (realized I’ve) got to start eating like one and taking supplements. I didn’t take supplements my whole career — not even protein shakes or multi-vitamins. And I’ve been doing that now and I’ve got a good nutritionist and some good people behind me and telling me all the good things to do that I’ve never done before.

“It’s paid off. It’s showing in my training and I’m messing around with weights a little. I’m getting stronger and faster. I should have been doing this type of stuff years ago. I didn’t have the right people around me but now after the last loss I got rid of all the bad things around me and got a bunch of good people around me.”

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