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5 Oz. of Pain on CBS Sports: ‘Television fighters’ become more vital to MMA

In his latest submission for, publisher Sam Caplan analyzes the growing importance of television-friendly fighters in MMA. With television’s role in relation to the sport only increasing, Caplan believes that a fighter’s ability to entertain an audience could become just as important as to whether he wins or loses.

“The won/loss record of a television fighter is often secondary because of the growing role of TV in MMA,” Caplan writes. “With the UFC set to promote more shows than ever in 2009, a premium is placed on fighters such as Lytle and Davis who can headline a UFC Fight Night special on Spike TV or augment headlining fights on a pay-per-view.”

During the course of the article, Caplan also presents his list of who he considers to be some of the sport’s best made for television fighters.

“Despite being 7-3 in the UFC, [Spencer] Fisher isn’t expected to headline a pay-per-view against lightweight champion B.J. Penn anytime soon,” he writes. “But Fisher has plenty of job security. He has earned the reputation for being one of the most exciting lightweights in the sport. While training under Pat Miletich has allowed Fisher to become a well-rounded fighter, he often prefers to use his professional boxing skills in engaging in wildly entertaining standup exchanges. The mentality has earned him several fight night bonuses and has allowed him to become a cult favorite among hardcore fans.”

To see Caplan’s complete list of top television fighters as well as his entire article, just click here.

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