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UFC 94: St. Pierre vs. Penn, Live Results and Play-by-Play

Readers of should be sure to check the site frequently during the weekend as we will have extensive coverage of UFC 94.

Publisher Sam Caplan has been on location in Las Vegas in order to cover the weigh-ins and any late breaking news regarding the historic card, which will feature UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre defending his title against reigning UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn. Readers should also expect several key pre and post-fight video interviews with several of the principals involved with UFC 94.

Additionally, managing editor David Andrest will have live play-by-play and results of the undercard and main card starting at 8 p.m. on Saturday for those unable to attend the event live or watch in on pay-per-view.

The  Live Event Chat room is also open for LIVE bell to bell coverage of the event. You may enter the chat here and discuss the fights with your fellow readers.

Hit F5 on your keyboard to refresh play-by-play is updated in real time.

Matt Arroyo vs. Dan Cramer
Round 1

Arroyo starts off UFC 94 with a solid leg kick. Cramer then shoots in and scores a takedown. Arroyo with an armbar attempt Cramer escapes. Cramer is landing punches from Arroyo’s guard. Arroyo climbs Cramer and trys a triangle. Cramer escapes the attempt and rains down more punches. The round comes to a close

Round 2

Arroyo opens round two with a botched back kick and slips to the mat. Cramer into Arroyo’s guard and begins to work his ground and pound.  The action is slow, and the crowd lets the fighters hear about it. Cramer continues to work from Arroyo’s guard landing moderate damage. Arroyo’s face is showing the effects as the round comes to and end.

Round 3

Cramer stuffs a shot by Arroyo to begin the third frame. Arroyo trips Cramer and lands in his guard. Dan with a gogoplata attempt. Arroyo sweeps Cramer and takes his back.Arroyo rear-naked choke and sinks in the hooks. Cramer defends. Cramer scrambles into Arroyo’s guard. The Action slows again and the fighters are reset on the feet.Cramer scores a takedown to the crowds dismay. Arroyo is working another armbar attempt and the round comes to a close.

The Scores are in: 29-28 Cramer, 29-28 Arroyo and 29-28 for Cramer.

Dan Cramer wins via Split Decision

Jake O’Brien vs. Christian Wellisch
Round 1

The two fights start off throwing leather, O’Brien knocks Wellisch down.  Wellisch gets back up, they trade and O’Brien put Wellisch on his back and delivers damage from his guard. the action slows and the fighters return to their feet. Wellish botches a shot and falls to the ground. O’Brien follows him and is working from inside the guard. The action again slows and the fighters are stood back up. The two fighters begin to exchange again. O’Brien takes Wellisch down again, and the round comes to a close.

Round 2

The fighters start of exchanging. The action is slow and the crowd lets them know it. Wellish stuffs an O’Brien takedown.  O’Brien hits sa double leg driving Wellisch into the canvas. O’Brien working in Wellisch’s guard near the cage. Things are again slow and O’Brien stands and and steps back.  O’Brien  hits another double leg takedown. Wellish makes it back to his feet and lands a shot as the round ends.

Round 3

The two fighters start off with jabs to begin the final round. O’Brien hits a quick single leg, and Wellisch scrambles back up to his feet. They exchange jabs again.  Wellisch is now bleeding, and O’Brien scores a strong double leg takedown. O’Brien then stand and Wellish gets back to his feet. Slow pace little action. O’Brien with a big left hook, Wellish is bleeding all over, the canvas is showing wear. O’Brien hits another takedown, and returns to his feet. Wellish follows.   Wellish stuffs a final takedown attempts as the round comes to an end.

The Scores are in: 29-28 Wellisch, 29-28 O’Brien, 29-28 O’Brien.

Jake O’Brien wins via Split Decision, and the crowd rains down boos

Chris Wilson vs. John Howard
Round 1

The action starts with a leg kick by Howard. Howard with a quick takedown, and the fighters bounce back to their feet. Howard is pressing the action. Wilson lands a kick and the fighters clinch. Wilson pushes Howard into the cage and they break and miss with some wild shots. Wilson attempts a standing guillotine. Howard escapes and pulls guard. Wilson lands a hard shot. The fighters scramble, and Howard lands a takedown.  The ref stands them up after a brief lul and Howard Slams Wilson and the round comes to and end.

Round 2
Howard opens the second frame with a leg kick, Wilson answers with a knee. Howard with a takedown. the fighters scramble back to the feet. Howard with another takedown, into half guard. Wilson works back to his feet, and into a clinch along the cage. knees are exchanges, and the two throw solid punches.  Howard with a thrid takedown, but Wilson works into Howards guard.  Wilson starts to deliver punches with little damage, and Howard scrambles as the round ends.

Round 3
Howard starts off the round with a takedown and takes Wilson’s back in the process. Howard has a body triangle and is doing damage with strikes. He attempts the rear naked choke, but can’t get the finish. He starts landing more shots to Wilson’s head. Wilson escapes into Howard’s guard. They work their way back up. Howard with another takedown and ground and pound on Wilson as the round ends.

The Scores are in: 29-28 Howard, 29-28 Wilson and 29-28 for Howard.

John Howard wins via Split Decision

Manny Gamburyan vs. Thiago Tavares
Round 1
The action is slow for the better part of the first minute , Tavares nails a double-leg takedown and starts landing shots from guard. Tavares moves to half guard and Gamuryan grabs and arm and attempts a Kimura.Tavares spins back into Manny’s guard and delivers punishment. Gamburyan tries to escape but Tavares is not having it. The two are now standing Tavares still has Gamburyan who attpemts a throw. Tavares picks up Manny and slams him and moves back to guard. The fighters work back to their feet and the rounds ends.

Round 2

Tavares with a takedown to start the second. The fighters scramble and move back to their feet. Manny with a takedown and works from Thiago’s guard. the action slows and the Referee stands them up. Both fighters swing and miss and Tavares shoots and Manny stuffs it. The round ends.

Round 3

Manny attempts a takedown and is stuffed, and again. Tavares with an unsuccessful takedown and both swing for the fences.   Tavares connects with a big right but can’t finish Manny. The two exchange. Tavares lands a knee and stops a takedown.  Manny is starting to swing heavy leather and missing.   Tavares lands a heavy jab.  Tavares is backing up Manny walks him down as the round ends.

The scores are in:  29-28 for Thiago Tavares.

Thiago Tavares wins by Unanimous Decision

Jon Fitch vs. Akihiro Gono ( Gono and his corner enter the arena dressed in drag. Dresses are silver, dance routine is fabulous)
Round 1
Fitch shoots for a takedown Gono defends the two clinch on the cage. Fitch lands punches, then clinches Fitch with heavy knees to Gono’s body. Fitch gets a takedown, and takes Gono’s back. Fitch landing shots trying to loosen him up for a choke, Fitch still has his back and the round ends.

Round 2

Fitch starts off with a body kick. Gono clinches and drives Fitch into the cage. Fitch trips Gono , and Gono pulls guard. Fitch has Gono up against the cage and punishes Gono’s body and head. Gono is trapped and Fitch is landing elbows and punches, Fitch moves to half guard and lands more elbows. Fitch locks a body triangle, and is punching Gono. Gono tries to escape and Fitch locks on an armbar as the bell rings.

Round 3

Fitch punches Gono, kicks him then secures a takedown. Fitch with brutal gnp.The fighters are back to their feet. Gono tries a flying knee and Fitch catches him pushes him to the cage.Gono with a kneebar attempt. Fitch takes side control. Gono with a sweep into Fitch’s guard. Fitch tries lock a triangle. Gono back to his feet. Gono misses a head kick and the fight ends.

The Scores are in: 30-27, 30-27 and 30-26 for Jon Fitch.

Jon Fitch wins via Unanimous Decision

Nathan Diaz vs. Clay Guida

Round 1

The fighters exchange, Diaz uses his HUGE reach advantage and peppers Guida.  Diaz keeping the distance. Guida being patient. Guida with a knee, and Diaz continues to use his reach and hits Guida at will.  The fight is resembling a boxing mismatch.  Guida shoots and Nate stuffs the single leg. Back to boxing.  Nate shoots and pulls guard.  Guida working from Diaz’s guard.  He has his back.  Diaz is standing with Guida on his back.  Guida with what appears to be a full nelson on Diaz.  Diaz rolls , and Guida has side control and drops elbow.   Diaz to his feet, Guida continues with a body lock.   Guida slams Diaz out of a single but proceeds with caution.   Guida has his back again.  Diaz looking for an answer.  Guida with a nice knee……..the round ends and Diaz raises his arms in victory?

Round 2

Round two opens, Diaz using his reach.  Diaz attempts a hip toss with no success.  Diaz with jabs.  The two clinch and Diaz presses Guida into the cage.  Guida reverses and pushes Diaz.  Guida trying another slam and is stopped.  Guida showing a serious pace.  Diaz working a kimura from standing position. The two remain clinched.  Nate hits a switch and takes the top, Guida reverses and takes Diaz’s back.  Diaz tries to escape, Guida remains locked to his back. Nice toss by Diaz, but Guida keeps back control.  Diaz is still working a Kimura.  Guida still keeps Diaz’s back.  Diaz is looking for an answer. and take guida to the ground.  Guida in Diaz’s guard,  Quick triangle attempt and the round ends.

Round 3

Daiz comes out strong with hard shots, Guida answers with a leg kick.  Jab after Jab from Diaz. Diaz landing alot.  Guida with a kick.  Diaz Jab after jab, and the two finally clinch.  Diaz pressing Guida into the cage.  The two disengage.  Diaz with more jabs, and he is starting to do damage.  Diaz is beginning to show off. Diaz is just picking Guida apart.  The two clinch, Guida working for a takedown.  Guida has a body lock.   2 minutes left and Guida is holding on.   Diaz takes him down,  Guida takes his back.  Diaz standing.  Diaz with elbow backwaards.  Guida holds on the body lock. diaz working .  Guida in Diaz’s guard.  Diaz gets passed and Guida takes his back.  Diaz needs a stoppage, Guida just keeps coming. Guida still with the body lock.  He continues to ride Diaz’s back.  Some knees from Guida, the 10 second mark.  Guida has his back is shook off and the round ends.

The Scores are in: 29-28 Diaz  29-28 Guida 29-28 Guida.

Clay Guida Wins by Split Decision

Karo Parisyan vs. Dong Hyun Kim
Round 1

Karo comes out with a looping right hand.  A short clinch and Kim takes Karo down.  Kim has a lock and has Karo by the back.  Kim on the back of a standing Karo.  Kim landing shots to Karo head fromt eh back.  Karo to the ground, Kim Keeping his back.  Kim still landing shot.  Kim patient, and landing shots.  Kim exciting the crowd with a wave.  Karo back up and falls down trying to shake off kim.  Kim with and armbar attempt, Karo rolls out and take top.  Kim with a triangle……..Karo is out.  Karo back in Kims guard.  Kim attacking from bottom in guard.  Karo with a few body shots.  Kim up and takes Karo’s back.  Karo is getting schooled on the ground.  the are back up in a clinch, with Kim landing knees. Karo turns kim into the cage. 10 seconds left the to step back, Kim swings and the round ends.

Round 2

The round starts the two exchange.  Karo throwing hands, and the two clinch.  Kim pushes Karo into the cage.  Karo tries a throw, the two go to the ground. Karo has top for a second and they scramble to their feet.  clinch on the cage. Kim pushing Karo into the cage.  Reverse by Karo, Karo tries a single leg and it doesn’t work.  the two remain clinched…Karo with a text book Judo throw and is on top in side control.  Karo trying to take his back. Kim escapes and they clinch against the cage again.  Kim pushes karo against the cage.  Reversal by Karo.  The fighters split and the ref stops the action to tell Karo to put his mouthpiece in and gets a warning. Kim throwing shots.  Karo pushes forward.  the two fighters circle.  the two clinch, Karo pushes Kim up against the cage, Nice left by Karo and the round ends.

Round 3

The fighters circle.  Clinch and back against the cage.  Kim with the takedown.  Kim in Karo’s full guard.  Ref stops the fight for an upkick to a downed fighter. The fight restarts.  Kim Takes down Karo and takes his back.  Karo escapes. the two remain clinched.  the two exchage knees.  Kim pushs Karo against the cage agian.  Kim with a brutal knee to the body.  They remain clinched.  Jumping knee attempt by Karo.  Karo drags him down and they work back to their feet.  The remain clinched and the action slows.  Reversal by Karo pushing kim against the fence.  The crowd becomes restless.  Karo with a take down, Kim back to his feet.  Kim pushes Karo against the fence and a reversal.  Very even round.  The two continue to grapple and clinch, the fight ends.   Fight is a Pick’em at best.

The Scores are in: 29-28 Parisyan 29-28 Kim 29-28 Parisyan

Karo Parisyan wins via Split Decision

Stephan Bonnar vs. Jon Jones
Round 1

The round begins, the fighters circle. Jones with a big right and a miss. Jones with a round kick. Jones with a push kick and Bonner clinches.  Jones pushes Bonner against the cage.  Big knee by Jones,  Hip toss by Jones. Bonner on bottom and works back to his feet.  Another throw by Jones. Bonner back to his feet. The two circle again.  Clinch and Jones throws some knees.  Push into the cage by bonner.  The remain clinched.  Jones with a reversal and takes bonners back and a big suplex.   Spinning back elbow by jones.  Bonner is in trouble.  Bonner works to survive.  Bonner back to his feet.  Bonner has a huge cut on his forehead.  The two clinch and release.  Big knee by Jones.  Trip by Jones.  and the round ends.

Round 2

Bonner comes out throwing leather.  Kicks exchanges. and a nice side kick by jones.  Leg trip and Jones takes bonners back.  Knee by Jones.  The two circle, and big kick by Bonner.  Jones catches it and take Bonner to the floor.  Jones on top in bonners half guard.  Jones has Bonners arm trapped. Bonner gets the arm free.  Bonner sweeps and gets back to his feet.  Jones with a body kick.  Bonner clinches.  Bonner with some knees against the cage.  Jones breaks free and throws some shots.  Bonner with some uppercuts, and keeping the presure on the young fighter.  Knee by bonner.  Bonner with some nice dirty boxing.  Jones is watching the clock.   Jones with a sick throw.  Bonner works back to the feet.  Scissor trip attempt by Jones and the round ends.

Round 3

The third frame opens, Jones with a push kick.  Bonner clinches, Bonner lands a combo.  Bonner with a knee.  Uppercut by Bonner.  and Back to a clinch.  Jones looks winded.  Bonner with a big right.  The two clinch briefly, Bonner with a nice right.  Bonner trys a trip and ends up on his back.  Jones on top taking shots from Bonner. Triangle attempt by Bonner.  Side control for Jones.  Knees to the body by Jones.  Bonner back to his feet.  The action slows, and Bonner with a clinch.  Bonner pushes Jones into the cage. The fighters back to the center of the cage. Bonner trying to turn up the pressure.  They clinch.  Jones with a body lock with seconds left…… ends.

The Scores are in :  30-27 29-28  29-28.

The winner  John Jones  by Decision

Lyoto Machida vs. Thiago Silva
Round 1

The fight begins, Machina moving backwards. The fighters circle.  Knee attempt by Machida, Body kick by Machida.  Machida with a shot to Silva’s apple bag.  The fight is stopped. Silva ready to go after a short stop.  Kick by Silva.  Takedown by Machida. Both fighters are back to their feet. Silva stalks Machida. Machida with a big left and puts Silva down.  Machida in silvas guard.  . Machida stands and steps back.  Silva with some kicks to machidas legs.  Machida dives back into Silvas guard.   Silva busy from the bottom.  and they are back to their feet. Machida with a nice combo and knocks down Silva.  Silva follows him down.  Back to his feet.  Machida with a body lock on Silva.  Silva presses machida into the cage.  Machida KO’s  Silva  at  the horn.

Winner  Loyoto Machia  KO

Georges St. Pierre vs. B.J. Penn
Round 1

The fighters clinch immediatly.  Knees exchanged.  Gsp moves Penn to the cage.  GSP trying a single. BJ fighting off the takedown.  Penn still fighting the takedown and landing a right in the process.  Penn still pressed against the cage. The break and exchange.  Both look very sharp.  GSP trying to jab.  Back to the clinch. GSP trying for the single again.  Penn landing some minor dirty boxing shots.  Both still feeling eachother out on the feet.  GSP lands a jab.  Back to a clinch.  GSP with Penn against the cage.  Penn with a knee.  GSP leg kick.  Round 1 ends.

Round 2

BJ opens with a jab. BJ with a strong left. GSP with the clinch and the crowd boos.  Penn with some nice dirty boxing.  GSP  gets the single leg.   Penn in rubber guard. GSP with and elbow.  GSP with a nice punch, and passes BJ’s guard.  BJ calm on bottom. GSP with Knees to the body. BJ back to guard.  GSP trying to do damage , BJ defending very well.  GSP back to side control.  Penn puts him back in guard.  GSP doing little damage. BJ cut under his eye.  and the round ends.

Round 3

GSP lands a few shots to start the round.  GSP landing his jab. Clinch and into the cage.  GSP with a takedown.  GSP in half guard. GSP working for side control.  BJ back to guard. GSP postures and throws leather.  GSP lands an elbow and some shots to the body.  BJ Penn gets up.   Clinch against the cage.  GSP with a takedown.  Big elbow GSP.  GSP postures. and throws punches into Penn’s guard.  The round ends.

Round 4

The two exchange, and GSP takes Penn down.  GSP passes and starts dropping elbows.  Penn is getting beat up . Herb Dean warns about shots to the back of the head.   GSP with side control.  GSP trying for mount.  BJ back to half guard, GSP back to half guard.  Herb Deal tells BJ he needs to fight back.   GSP raining down punches and elbows.  GSP smothering Penn.  More shots from the top by GSP.  GSP trying for Mount.  Back to half guard.  BJ still trying to defend.  GSP still working hard. GSP to side mount.  Herb Warning BJ again. BJ trying to defend.    We are going to round 5!!

The Doctor is talking to Penn’s corner.  The fight has been stopped by his brother.

GSP wins  via TKO

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