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5 Oz. of Pain sets new traffic records in January

Even though I spent a lot of time on the road this month working on business development deals and not able to post as much as I would have liked, the loyal readership of made January the biggest month in the history of this site!

Not only did we set our record for total page views in a month but we also set a new record for unique page views in a month. If you’re keeping track, January was the third month in a row in which we established new monthly traffic records for 5 Oz.

When 5 Oz. Chief Technical Officer David Andrest and I originally decided to abandon our previous blog format for a more traditional magazine-style format, it was met with a lot of criticism. We were told by critics that it was a mistake. However, we made the move because creatively, I felt unfulfilled running a blog-style site and because Dave and I both felt that a blog format can only take you so far from a business perspective. Dave’s vision for the new design of the site proved to be the right one because in spite of some of the lumps we took, our traffic and exposure has only increased.

I am sure our format change caused quite a few people to stop reading our site but since we’ve made the change over, it’s obvious that even more new readers have made the decision to begin reading 5 Oz. on a daily basis.

Despite our traffic increase, my daily challenge of monetizing the site in hopes that I can one day focus all of my attention into 5 Oz. remains an uphill climb. The challenge has become that much greater at a time in which the U.S. economy has gone further into the toilet. Sponsors simply aren’t spending money. That’s why the support of the sponsors we do have such as Combat Clothing, Sanctioned Violence, Ranger Up, and the World Combat Alliance is so critical As our traffic increases so do our server costs. Without the help of our sponsors to offset these costs, you would either see no 5 Oz. or see just a shell of a site with maybe 1-3 updates a day. If you appreciate what we do here and want to support us, I encourage you to support our sponsors. Let them know that their decision to sponsor 5 Oz. was a smart one by giving them whatever business you can afford to give them. And if you have a company and have a marketing budget, please consider supporting 5 Oz. Interested sponsors can get more info on what we have to offer by clicking here or e-mailing me at (business, writing and sponsorships requests only, thanks).

I’d also like to publicly thank all of the radio shows that have allowed 5 Oz. to grace their airwaves in recent months and promote the URL. 5 Oz. is a grass roots company and I simply don’t have money for a marketing budget. By appearing on radio shows around the U.S., we’re able to promote the 5 Oz. brand and let people know that we exist without incurring any charges.

So again, thanks to everyone for the great month. I really appreciate it and I really appreciate the patience most of you have exhibited during in January. This is a very tough economy for me right now and I had to spend a lot of time recently on endeavors other than 5 Oz. that actually pay my mortgage. But though all of the obstacles 5 Oz. isn’t going away and we will continue to work towards taking the site to the next level.

Sincere Thanks,

– Sam Caplan

Founder and Publisher,

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