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St. Pierre vs. Silva “superfight” could happen in 2010

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The next superfight?

Georges St. Pierre took on and defeated one of the biggest challenges of his career in UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn. The fight was the first to have a three-part UFC Primetime preview special on Spike TV to help promote it.

If St. Pierre should successfully hold onto his welterweight title over the next year, another superfight could certainly be in the offing: St. Pierre against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

“I think it’s possible,” said UFC president Dana White. “Would I like to see those two fight? Absolutely.”

When asked if he wants to fight Silva, St. Pierre was very quick with his answer.

“For sure,” said St. Pierre.

St. Pierre then explained why.

“The primary reason I do the sport is not for the fame,” said St. Pierre. “I do it for myself. It’s important to me to always find a new challenge. It would be very interesting for me.”

The biggest adjustment for St. Pierre would be adding the extra weight to be competitive. St. Pierre wants to be sure to do that the right way.

“I have never taken a steroid in my life, and I never will,” said St. Pierre. “If I fight Silva, I’d have to put on some extra weight. It would take me a few extra months to get ready.”

With both fighters having prior commitments in 2009, the earliest the match could take place would be the beginning of 2010.

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