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New 5 Oz. of Pain T-Shirts Back in Stock! ORDER NOW!

After receiving many requests over the course of the past few months, now has new t-shirts in stock and ready to be ordered through our brand new store!

Available in medium, large, extra large, as well as double XL, our high quality and durable t-shirts are now available for $24.95 plus shipping.

These shirts are perfect for working out, digging ditches, embarrassing yourself at weddings, robbing liquor stores, or just chillin’ with your homies. We especially want you to represent Five Ounces of Pain any time you attend live MMA or head to the bar with your buddies to watch a PPV.

As we’ve stated in the past, for those who want to support 5 Oz., there is no better way than by either giving our sponsors your coveted business or by buying a t-shirt from us.


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