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Penn claims Florian tipped him off about GSP’s “greasing”; Florian issues denial

In his first extensive interview since his fourth round TKO loss to UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre at UFC 94, current UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn claimed that he was tipped off about St. Pierre’s alleged propensity towards “greasing” before and during fights.

During his hour-plus radio show carried on his personal web site,, Penn named names and claimed that it was number one lightweight title contender Kenny Florian who had warned the Penn camp leading up the the much-anticipated fight vs. St. Pierre.

“It’s surprising (Kenny Florian is) going to train with GSP (because) Kenny is the one who tipped me off GSP was greasing,” claimed Penn.

In response to Penn’s accusation, Florian’s camp issued an almost immediate denial via the fighter’s official web site,

“The last time Kenny communicated with B.J. Penn was before he fought Joe Stevenson at UFC 91, where they exchanged pleasantries,” the statement reads. “Kenny is thrilled to hear that he will have the opportunity to test himself against the world’s number one 155lber, UFC lightweight champion, B.J. Penn.”

The latter part of the statement was in response to Penn’s revelation that he’s currently involved in negotiations regarding a title defense vs. Florian for his next match.

“I’m in the negotiations to defend the lightweight title that’s what I’ll do,” Penn began, eliminating any notion that he might be retiring. “We’re going to fight the number one contender Kenny Florian. He’s been to Hilo to train with me. I’m surprised to hear him say he wants to kill me (but) it’s business and we got to fight.”

While Penn is preparing for Florian, that didn’t stop him from continue to stump for a third fight with St. Pierre.

“I’ll take an immediate rematch with Georges,” he said. “It’s in Dana’s hands. He’s got a company to run and he’s not trying to lose money. Dana will stay out and let the commission do their investigation.”

During the interview, Penn also addressed reports that claimed he had “quit on his stool” against St. Pierre following the fourth round. According to Penn, it was his boxing coach who made the decision to stop the fight.

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