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UFC President clarifies his outlook on competition

UFC President Dana White was a recent guest on the CBS Radio nationally syndicated show “MMAsh,” where his discussed a number of pressing topics.

One of the main issues White was asked to address by host “Carmichael Dave” was Strikeforce’s recent acquisition of ProElite’s assets and subsequent broadcast deal with Showtime.

Typically not shy about taking an opportunity to rip his competition, White was complementary towards Strikeforce and clarified his position about why he can be so negative when it comes to companies competing in the same space as the UFC.

“I’ve never said anything bad about (Strikeforce Founder and CEO) Scott Coker,” White began to respond. “I think he’s a great guy and I’ve got nothing against him at all.”

White went on to add that despite what critics say, he’s not anti-competition, so long as the competition is respectful of the UFC and the sport of MMA.

“Everybody thinks I’m anti-competition — I’m anti-stupid competition, okay?” said White. “Plus, the other thing is that if you pick a fight with me, we’re gonna fight. These other guys that come out that don’t know me (and) don’t know anything about our business and start talking smack about the UFC, ‘We’re going to do it better than they did. We’re going to take care of the fighters and treat them (better).’

“Once you start that then now you’ve picked a fight. And now we’re going to fight. And we’re going to fight until someone wins and until someone loses. And that’s the way I work and Scott Coker has never said anything bad about me or my business and I’ve never said anything bad about him. I think he’s a good guy.”

White then reaffirmed that much of his animosity towards his competition has to do with the fact that it makes his efforts to advance the sport that much tougher.

“… When people do stupid things, it hurts the entire sport,” White stated. “You know the hard part is that we’re the ones out there doing all of this work and getting all of this good stuff done… And all it takes is one moron to put on some goofy show and believe me things can turn around real quick. That is the reason why I am always flipping out about all of the other idiots that get involved in the sport. It’s not because I’m anti-competition, I’m not anti-competition at all.”

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