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Miguel Torres reveals aspirations to compete for the UFC

Miguel Torres apparently has aspirations beyond just being the number one bantamweight fighter on the planet. In a new interview with’s Ariel Helwani, the Chicago native revealed that he has designs on eventually bypassing the WEC featherweight division and advancing directly to the UFC’s lightweight division.

“I can’t fight forever,” Torres told Helwani. “I can dominate 135 for the rest of my career and be comfortable, or I can test myself and be out of my comfort zone and try to make more money. I think fighting at a higher weight class, there will be bigger purses, bigger paydays and more high-profile fights. So, I am looking to do that in the future.”

Moving directly from 135 to 155 might be confounding to some, but the 28-year old Torres indicated that such a jump could be dictated by economic factors.

“To go to 145, I wouldn’t get a huge bump (in pay),” Torres is quoted. “But if I were to go to 155 and get a three-fight deal (in the UFC), I am sure I could get a huge increase in pay. And then (I can) always come down to 135 or 145.”

Torres is also quoted as telling Helwani that he believes the future of the WEC’s bantamweight division looks bright and that it could be another two or three years before he considers moving up.

Torres, 35-1, is 4-0 since entering the WEC with notable wins over Jeff Bedard, Chase Beebe, Yoshiro Maeda, and Manny Tapia. Currently on a 16-fight win streak, he is slated to defend his 135 pound title vs. Takeya Mizugaki at WEC 40 at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago, Ill. on April 5.

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