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Jake Shields wants a fight with Shinya Aoki

With the dearth of welterweights current in Strikeforce, former EliteXC champion Jake Shields has decided to look outside the promotion for his next welterweight opponent. The guy Shields would like to fight after his middleweight battle with Robbie Lawler in Japanese star Shinya Aoki.

“Aoki is a guy I’d like to fight, and Strikeforce has mentioned him as a potential opponent,” Shields said.

Originally, Shields was very close to squaring off with former UFC fighter Joe Riggs. That was not a fight Shields wanted to have.

“Personally, I was never really excited about it,” Shields said. “I said I would do it because I’ll fight anyone they want, but the fight doesn’t get me too excited.”

Strikeforce has also talked about another possibility down the line for Shields.

“Strikeforce has brought up the name of Frank Trigg,” Shields said.

Trigg and Shields have had a war of words through various forums that has gone on for a few years. The two have never faced each other, and each fighter has mentioned the other when asked why the fight has not taken place.

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