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Congenital Amputee Kyle Maynard Loses Decision in Amateur MMA Debut

Kyle Maynard recently made headlines after his intentions to participate in an amateur rules mixed martial arts bout was made common knowledge.

A dream over three years in the making, Maynard accomplished what many thought would be unobtainable this evening in Auburn, Alabama, taking part in and going the distance in his first amateur mixed martial arts match-up.

Maynard came up on the losing end of a unanimous decision to his opponent Chris Fry, who went into the bout with an amateur record of 0-2, at Auburn Fight Night.

Just prior to the bout it was judged that the humidity in the dirt floored arena would make it far too difficult to secure Maynard’s gloves to his shortened limbs so it was decided that he would enter the cage without them. The decision to do so meant that he would not be allowed to throw any strikes during the bout but it hardly made any difference on the bouts outcome.

Chris Fry stuck to his guns and refused to deviate from his original plan of attack regardless of how bad the crowd let him have it. Throughout the course of the bout he stuck to a foolproof gameplan of backing away from Maynard while peppering his face with light jabs.It seemed obvious that Fry was exercising a great deal of restraint in the choice of strikes he employed during the bout.

Quite frankly, Fry’s gameplan was the absolute best approach to take to his bout with the physically disadvantaged Maynard. If he would have gone out there swinging for the fences and firing off head kicks left and right, he very well may have jumped mercilessly in the parking lot following the bout. If he allowed Maynard to take the fight to the ground, he would have been at great risk at being humiliated by the superior grappler.

It is not known if Maynard has any intentions of pursuing a second bout in mixed martial arts, but whether he does or he doesn’t, Kyle did what most people only talk about this evening in Auburn, he lived his dream.

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