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Rampage Being Considered For Another Run As TUF Coach

With his sharp sense of humor, undeniable charisma and outgoing personality Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is a huge ratings draw.

According to Fighter’s Only Spike TV executives are looking for him to return to a coaching role on The Ultimate Fighter season ten.

Nothing has been offered and there are other options being considered but Spike officials have let the UFC know of their admiration for Jackson.

Filming is set to begin in the next month or so and with Rampage being the number one contender to the light heavyweight title a spot on TUF opposite the winner of the Rashad EvansLyoto Machida could work out. With Evans and Machida scheduled for May 23 the winner would be allotted a long break before having to fight Jackson. Having either Evans or Machida on would be great exposure for either one. Machida really needs the exposure as he is quiet and it was only until recently that the UFC put any focus on him.

Evans who was the winner of season two of The Ultimate Fighter also needs help as his personality is all that captivating. The fact that he has a brewing feud going on with Rampage will only help matters. It would mark the third time that a winner of the show would go on to be a coach as Evans would follow in the footsteps of season one winner, Forrest Griffin, who coached opposite Jackson on season seven. Michael Bisping who was the light heavyweight winner on season three is coaching against Dan Henderson on the latest installment of TUF in which eight British fighters are going up against eight American fighters.

Rampage could bring out the best in either Machida or Evans as he is as playful as he is serious. When he coached against Griffin he had moments where he was extremely angry and went as far as to threaten Griffin. He also had moments where he played around with Griffin when he shot him with water guns. Evans and Jackson had a face to face meeting at the end of Jackson’s bout with Evans’ teammate Keith Jardine at UFC 96. Evans and Jackson jawed back and forth for awhile and apparently this animosity carried over into a recent photo shoot that the two were scheduled for. Jackson was furious that he and Evans were together and had to leave the room to keep his cool.

The biggest question when it comes to Machida is how his English is coming along. Based on reports he is working very hard on learning the language. A spot on The Ultimate Fighter would be great for the Brazilian as not many people who aren’t hardcore fans are familiar with him and many fans who are do not like his style. Some say he is boring and that he does not take enough chances while others say he is extremely talented and will remain unbeaten for a long time to come.

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