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Dana White: ‘It’s not my fault Pat Miletich is a (expletive) dummy’

Never being one to sit on his hands and bite his tongue when darts are being blown in his direction, Dana White recently fired back at comments made by a choice few on the recent episode of ESPN’s E:60 featuring the outspoken president of the UFC.

“I have a lot of attorneys that could write (expletive) speeches for me every time I talk,” White said in a recent interview with Dan Duggan from the Boston Herald. “I have three attorneys in the car right now. I can have them tell me everything they (expletive) want me to say. Is that what you want? Is that what the fans want? Is that what people want? I can do that. It would give me a lot less (expletive) headaches. Sure I could do that and be a phony like all the other guys, if that’s what everybody wants.

“The ‘E:60’ thing was a piece of (expletive). Same old (expletive) story, same old (expletive).”

Growing tired of the focus being paid to negatives such as his recent comments made about MMA journalist Loretta Hunt, White feels as if there were plenty of other things the show could have discussed during the segment, they just made the choice not to.

“I got the (Armed Forces Humanitarian Award) two (expletive) months ago,” White said. “Did you see that in there? They go out and find three people – Tito Ortiz, Pat Miletich and some (expletive) guy that doesn’t like UFC in New York – and that’s what the (expletive) story is about? (Expletive) them. It’s the same story I’ve seen a million times.”

During the broadcast, former UFC welterweight champion Pat Miletich was quoted as saying,”Dana has never told me anything that ended up being the truth, besides the fact that his intention was to crush other people’s lives and businesses”, to which White recently had this to say.

“Pat Miletich is a very bitter guy right now,” fired back White. “Pat is not one of the smartest people you’re ever going to meet. He sees these guys around him, like Tim Sylvia, who made a couple million bucks in his career. Pat Miletich hasn’t made any money because he’s not a smart guy. It’s not my fault Pat Miletich is a (expletive) dummy.”

Also on the episode of E:60 was none other than former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz complaining about the fact that the UFC never coughed up the cash for a recent back surgery.

“We didn’t not pay for his (surgery),” White said. “The insurance company denied his claim because that (expletive) monkey gets out there and starts saying after the fight is over, ‘I was injured before this fight. That’s why I looked like (expletive).’ He’s always had an excuse for why he’s losing. Because he said he hurt his back before the fight, the insurance company said, ‘We heard you say you were injured before the fight and we’re not going to cover your claim.’ ”

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