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MMA Rumblings, Muses & Rants June 2, 2009

Kimbo Slice on The Ultimate Fighter! While everyone is predicting a ratings bonanza, I on the other hand don’t feel as though he will deliver the strong ratings that many feel he will bring in.

First, he hasn’t been seen or spoken about all that much since his loss to Seth Petruzelli and the controversy that swirled around the bout afterwards.

Second, most fans both casual and die hard have grown tired of his act and realize he is not a legitimate mixed martial artist.

Will it be interesting to see him interact with fighters who may hold a grudge against him? Of course it will, I am looking forward to seeing him work with Rampage as that should lead to some quality television and perhaps some “Black on Black” crime. Do I feel as though he has any chance of being a legitimate contestant? Absolutely not, the other fighters will look to expose him as soon and as often as possible.

So Cro-Cop vs. Mustapha Al-Turk is official. Talk about taking it down to the wire, with just under two weeks left until game time Cro-Cop and the UFC left themselves little room for error. They also gave themselves very little time to promote the return of the former PRIDE standout to the Octagon.

What does the Cro-Cop of 2009 have to offer? That remains to be seen but I have a feeling he will show up in great shape with a lot to prove. That tells me Al-Turk is in for a long night and that Eastern European UFC fans will leave Germany extremely happy.

EA Sports has decided to throw its name into the MMA video game genre. I am not a gamer and I rarely if ever play video games. Not that I don’t enjoy them, but between working and running two kids around to karate, soccer, dance, cheerleading and various other activities, I just don’t have the time. I bought a Nintendo Wii and it now resides in my 4 year old son’s bedroom.

I did go out and purchase an X-Box 360 and UFC Undisputed. I had to, and I was not disappointed, well that was until my 4 year old kicked the crap out of me after playing it less than 24 hours.

EA Sports has been making quality sports video games for a long time now and their Fight Night boxing series is one of the top sports games out there from what I have seen and heard. I have no reason to believe their MMA game will be any different.

I read that some fans were not interested due to the fact that it won’t have any UFC fighters in it. Who cares? Think of all the other great fighters available that are not on Undisputed. Fedor, Couture, Belfort, Cung Le and so many others from Strikeforce, Affliction, Sengoku and DREAM. I could go on and on but I won’t.

I read somewhere that Pat Miletich wants to fight Frank Shamrock under the Strikeforce banner. I have no desire to see this bout at this time in their careers.

Shamrock at this stage in his career has one fight left that I would like to see and that would be against Tito Ortiz. I loved their first fight and believe me, I know that neither man is even close to the fighter they were back then but I truly believe they would bring out the best in one another and put on a quality fight.

After that, Shamrock should retire and concentrate on training a new legion of mixed martial artists. Miletich should stick to training and drawing the ire of Dana White.

I love how everyone and their mother is coming out of the woodworks talking about how they would beat Lyoto Machida. Like it is so easy, if that’s the case why hasn’t the man been defeated yet?

First it was Mark Coleman who should concentrate on getting past Stephan Bonnar first.

Up next we had Matt Hughes chiming in on what Rashad Evans did wrong in his preparation for his title fight with “The Dragon”.

Last but not least we have B.J. Penn throwing his two cents in. Many of you may not know this but Penn fought Machida at 205lbs in 2005 under the K-1 Hero’s banner. While I have never seen the bout I have done some research on it and Penn was somewhat successful in landing his fair share of strikes but he still lost. Granted he was fighting 50lbs over his normal fighting weight and should be commended on the fact that he went the distance with a much bigger man who even back then was extremely difficult to hit but he still lost the fight.

Who’s next? Maybe Ken Shamrock will try his hand at Machida once his suspension for steroid use is over. Fighters should keep their thoughts to themselves in the event they do wind up fighting him. Why would you want to let him in on whatever game plan you would attempt to implement anyway?

Strikeforce will be holding their second card on Showtime this Saturday and it is packed with exciting fights. Not only is this a fantastic card but it’s free. Well, it is for those of us who have Showtime.

I really like what Strikeforce is doing and I am excited about the future of the organization. Scott Coker is a man who knows the game, the business and the fighters. We should all be happy that he is now getting to showcase his organization on a greater stage.

  • Crash says:

    Kimbo Slice being on TUF is already generating a lot of interest amount casual and newer fans. Along with having Rampage and Rashad on the show this should actually be one of the more viewed TUFs. Also EA sports getting all those fighters scattered throughout the other orgs to sign an agreement doesn’t seem possible. I don’t think they can get all those names on there but I’m sure they could get a few and then they could throw in some created or no name characters but the depth of the UFC is going to make it to hard for EA to compete. Also nobody has been saying they can beat Lyoto. Hughes said Rashad should have stuck with his bread and butter but that doesn’t mean he would have won and Coleman is just trying to keep his name relavant by saying he’d like a fight with the champ. I think you took that way out of context cause I’m pretty sure there is not one fighter who is claiming to know the secret to beating Lyoto… besides Coleman but even if he knew the secret he couldn’t pull it off. I do hope your right about Cro Cop though, it’d be nice for him to show the US fans why he’s so loved in Pride.

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  • MMASwami says:

    “First, he hasn’t been seen or spoken about all that much since his loss to Seth Petruzelli and the controversy that swirled around the bout afterwards.”

    Do you live under a rock?

    “Second, most fans both casual and die hard have grown tired of his act and realize he is not a legitimate mixed martial artist.”

    Are you mentally challenged?

    The CBS ratings speak for themselves; with and without Slice on the cards.

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  • Blacklinesportz says:

    I think people need to give Kimbo a break he lost one fight. All the great fighters in mma have lost a fight or too even Fedor, Seth Petruzelli has fought Bobb Sapp,
    and a few other name heavyweights and only lost to sapp because of a broken wrist. Do you believe everything that comes outta that hole the is Dana White he think Fedor needs to prove himself in the UFC before he’s the best in the world.
    I say Bullshit on that Fedor is 30-1 and seems unstoppable at this point but do u really think Brock Lesnar the current UFC champ has even a chance against the man that is Fedor? I think not by a longshot. I would love to see Kimbo in the UFC just to see what he can do after some BJJ training we already know about his standup so I want to wait and see how he works with Rampage during TUF10. IF AND I MEAN IF HE MAKES IT TO THE UFC AFTER THIS IT WILL BE GOOD FOR THE MAN THEY CALL KIMBO AND THE UFC!!!


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  • Bryan Levick says:

    Ratings mean a lot now don’t they considering that the organization he was fighitng in is no longer around. I have actually been a fan of Kimbo, I always appreciated his honesty. He never tried to pass himself off as a superstar, he did what any one of us would have done. EXC threw huge wads of $$$ at him and he ran with it, you can’t hate him for that, if anyone should get criticized it was the Shaws.

    Fans do realize that he is not a legitimate mixed martial artist, if you think he is then there is something wrong. He is what he is a street fighter who got a lot more than his 15 minutes of fame. And since his last fight he has not made many appearances and has not really been talked about other than his commentary on a show over in Japan. If you actually read what I wrote then you would understand what I am talking about instead of resorting to name calling and making outrageous comments.

    I certainly think he will bring some excitement to the show esepcially his interactions with Rampage. I think it owuld have meant more a few months back when his name was all over the place.

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  • Kamakosmo says:

    Everybody here needs to realize that TUF is, first and foremost, a REALITY show. A Television show that needs ratings to survive, just like any other TV show out there. The action/drama/craziness of that 1st season is what made it a must see, be honest. I loved the fights at the end of each episode just as much as the drunken happenings during it.
    I have been a fan of TUF since the very 1st episode and did not know a single one of those contestants prior to it, as i’m sure most people didn’t. They were amateurs (with some pro fighters sprinkled in) of a fledgling sport. This show put MMA and the UFC back on the map and created a new fever for it. However, it has been getting a little tired, with the whole “drama” element almost non-existent.
    Kimbo, with some former pro athletes looking for a new way of life, will make for interesting TV, and yes, out of the rubble will come a few fighters who will be able to make it in the UFC….maybe even Kimbo…..maybe.

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